My oh my...I am so grateful today for mmmm....

M&M's - I love 'em. Especially peanut. But also plain. A handful of chocolate delight.

Mocha latte's - well, I actually only drink these on cold winter mornings - but then they are such a cozy pick me up.

Movies - I love to watch movies. I love to go to the theater and watch movies or stay home and watch them. I'll pretty much watch anything as long as it's not too violent and has some aspect of redemption.

Money. I know. But I have had money in my life and I've not had it. I am certainly grateful for the times when I have money.


altar ego said…
I'm lovin' the color! Have you tried the almond m&m's? Oh, my. I'm a peanut (butter) and chocolate girl but the almond ones are soooo good!

Seems like everyone I know is changing up their blog. Must be something in the cyber-air!
Bad Alice said…
Yep, I'm liking this list. M&Ms are the greatest - just had some last night. And they go great with movies and mocha lattes, all of which require money.
I can swing with your "M"'s for sure!
Diane said…
I love that you are doing this, and especially like M&M's. I don't see enough movies, though.
mocha lattes... mmmmlicious!
Barbara B. said…
I like your movie philosophy!
Teri said…
now I wish I HAD some m&m's....yum!
Deb said…
You know, I just indulged in some M&Ms for the first time today in a LONNNNGGG time. mmmmmmmmmmm indeed!


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