Tuesday, August 11, 2009

P is for


Pool - I give thanks every day for the pool in my backyard. In this dry hot dusty desert a pool restores life, soothes spirits, refreshes tired souls, and cools when hot.

People - as much as I love being solitary, I also love people.

Purple - as in the color of the Indian Hawthorn that blooms all summer.

Pasta - oh, almost any and every kind. Especially with a glass of wine and a salad.

Pancakes - these days, blueberry.


Diane said...

yes, blueberry pancakes! my favorite too!

but how about writing some
about blueberry pancakes?

Mompriest said...

Oh yes...how could I forget Poetry - my favorite...sigh

Hot Cup Lutheran said...


revkjarla said...

and, of course, Puppies!

Kievas said...

Mmmm...blueberry pancakes :)

Barbara B. said...

Have I mentioned I covet your pool?

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