Another morning and I wake with thirst
for the goodness I do not have. I walk
out to the pond and all the way God has
given us such beautiful lessons. Oh Lord,
I was never a quick scholar but sulked
and hunched over my books past the
hour and the bell; grant me, in your
mercy, a little more time. Love for the
earth and love for you are having such a
long conversation in my heart. Who
knows what will finally happen or
where I will be sent, yet already I have
given a great many things away, expect-
ing to be told to pack nothing, except the
prayers which, with this thirst I am
slowly learning.
Mary Oliver: Thirst; Beacon Press Boston, 2006


Jan said…
May your thirst be satisfied with love and comfort.
Songbird said…
Such a lovely poem, especially that first line.
Anonymous said…
I have never read Mary Oliver, but she came up in my Spiritual Direction group on Friday... I'll have to seek her out now.
altar ego said…
When your blog loaded I went, "whoa!" --from the lovely yellows to a stately collection of taupes. Yes, color is gone, but there is beauty in these shades, too. I don't know what circumstances are robbing you of joy and color, but clearly a veil is pulled over your spirit. From here I am praying, praying, lighting candles and praying. I have a wonderful wax angel from the Metropolitan Museum of Art that is very special to me. I will send her forth today to shield you with love, and to tend to your heart. Whatever I can do...
Purple said…
Thirst...a powerful desire...may it be quenched.
Diane said…
yes, lovely poem....

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