Monday Morning Musings

For all intents and purposes Advent is over and now we head straight into Christmas. On mornings when my husband is home he turns on the TV and we watch the TodayShow. This morning they are offering Gift ideas, quick simple board games. My shopping is mostly finished, just one or two very small things for my son...So on this Monday after Advent and before Christmas I am musing about:

The scarves I knitted, the one I will finish today, and the two I never got too. Also that pair of small socks that I never finished because they were too small and I kept making mistakes. Back to those later.

The Christmas bundt cakes I want to make for the folks I work with at Back in the Saddle Church. (Whole wheat yogurt cranberry orange - really delicious). And the carrot bundt cake I want to make for our Christmas morning. My son loves carrot cake, this will be a rendition of that, in breakfast cake style.

The sermon I have to write for the 6pm Christmas Eve service...

and the massage I will have at noon today.

That's what's on my mind this morning, what about your day? your week?


Sherry said…
I made some sugar cookies today and am going to make some rice krispie treats, but with corn chex, lol. Throw in a few choc. chips and some pecans perhaps. I think you should publish your recipes. They sound good. Just give a little alert on FB so I won't miss them! I am especially interested in the carrot bundt cake...sounds sooo good. We are kinda expecting to be snowed/weathered in here for Christmas. No Christmas eve service for me I doubt. Such is life in the snow belt...yech...Blessings!
Love your Christmas blogskin! How fun.

I have to find a place that makes donuts around our new neighborhood. Then I think we're properly sugared up.

Otherwise, all ready to go.
zorra said…
I made three kinds of cookies and the Scientist made his grandfather's much-loved Christmas candy (chocolate-covered sugar bombs is what they really are). All have been well-received. Now the Christmas turducken is thawing in the refrigerator, and I will be working until tomorrow at noon, then get to finish up all the last-minute stuff. I've enjoyed it all (I usually do). Merry Christmas to you.

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