More year in Photos

In no particular order, the animals this year...

Our dogs, Roxie the lab-mix and Ruby the Viszla


A lizard on our back wall

King Ollie, our daughter's dog waiting for her in the office of the barn

The ground squirrel family outside the wall of our backyard

Baby doves in the tree on the side of our house

The bobcat family that resided on the roof of the empty house across the street

Cardinal and dove at the bird feeder

Ollie snoozing in the back of daughters car, nose in her boot...what a goof.


all god's creatures...
such fun to watch they are!
Holy moley that is one BIG lizard!

Love these pictures.
Jan said…
Wonderful pictures!
Kievas said…
Great review of the past year in pictures. St. Francis would be proud :)

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