I moved two years ago. Now, in a curious, perhaps organic, symmetry, I am moving again, in the same week, but reverse direction. The last move happened quickly, involved a lot of travel back and forth to new location, was very hectic and filled with chaos. I should have seen that as a sign of what was to come.

Now, as we are in the final days of packing, one could say that our house is in complete chaos. Boxes everywhere. Shredded paper all over the floor. Empty cabinets, and a garage in the midst of a staging ground for the moving truck on Wed.

But the reality is, despite how the house looks, this move is much more organized. I have had the time to go through our files and shred things that should have been shredded before our last move: 11 year old bills and bank statements, checks from an account we closed 5 years ago. Stuff, that in the haste and chaos of the last move, got packed and came with. Now all those files have been shredded. I will be moving two near empty file cabinets and several fewer boxes of paper. And, all that shredded paper has been used as filler in boxes. Note, shredded paper does not cushion items, so it's only good to fill empty space to keep boxes from collapsing.

In this move I have also recycled or donated to the resale shop almost everything that I've gotten rid of. I have hardly thrown away anything. I feel good about that.

So now we are on the last leg of packing and preparing. Everything looks like chaos but it's not. It's careful, thoughtful, organized.

I hope that bodes well for what comes next.


surely a sign of good things to come... you will be lighter in more ways than one!
Jan said…
Ditto to Hot Cup. I am impressed!
You sound very calm and collected. I'm glad you've had time to prepare so well for this move.
Rev SS said…
I definitely think it bodes well ...

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