Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

Yesterday I had a wonderful morning at BitS (Back in the Saddle) Church. I'm going to miss that place and the fine people who work and worship there. Afterward my husband and I took the dogs out. The house we live in is "on the market" and the realtor had an open house. Which means we spent hours prepping the house and making it look pretty. Not easy when half the house is packed and the other half is in varying stages of being packed. Anyway, we had to disappear for two hours. Our first stop, of course, was dog park. Lots of dogs were there as well, so everyone had a good time. After about 70 minutes of dog park we loaded up the dogs and headed over to Starbucks for a coffee. That was delightful too. My husband and I rarely go out "just for coffee." When we returned to the house a stream of people were still coming in and out. Turns out there had been over 40 people through the house. 2/3 of those, apparently, are just the Sunday afternoon loafers and curiosity seekers. But the other 1/3 are looking. We are hoping, for the sake of our fine landlords, that this house sells quickly. If you've been a long time reader of this blog you know how much we have loved living here.

So this morning I am relaxing in a very clean house with very little on my agenda. I think I'll practice that weird Hatha Yoga DVD again...assuming that the more I do it the less weird it will feel. I'll walk the dogs, do some knitting, maybe watch a movie, and look for some books to download on my iPod for the long drive north. We leave in 27 days.

That's all I'm musing on this morning. What about you?


Anonymous said...

I am imagining what it would be like to move house .... we've lived in ours for twenty five years. I hope that your move goes well.

I've also been thinking about that river in Egypt, DeNile and Gannet Girls post about denial. And that denial is so often seen as a "bad thing". Often denial got me through the next day or minute or hour or week. I get that you can't be in denial all the time but sometimes it just has it's uses.

Think I'd better stop musing, and get back to work! Thank you for getting me to stop and just reflect a moment on all that's bubbling in the basement of my mind. Been fun.

Mompriest said...

Indeed denial is one of our better defensive strategies, as human beings....but only when used in strategic moderation..

Glad you stopped by.

Jan said...

A clean house is nice. Hope it sells!

Moving like you do would be beneficial for getting rid of clutter. That used to be our way, but we haven't moved for 16 years, and there is a lot of accumulation around here. . . .

revkjarla said...

Did you do the weird yoga DVD again?

27 days. Wow. That's very soon. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...sounds like you are doing some really good self care in all of this.

love to you!

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