Friday, February 05, 2010

RevGals Friday Five: Pointing Toward Spring...

(Photo of a hummingbird moth in lavender, from my backyard)

Sally over at RevGals offers this Friday Five Meme wondering what to do on a rainy day that points toward Spring...

1. Exercise, what do you do if you can't face getting out into the cold and damp? I have a routine that includes rotating through the week: twenty minutes of core ab work plus bicep/tricep with weights; two twenty minute yoga routines (one for morning and one for afternoon); an indoor exercise bike; and two yoga DVD's with 60 minute and 96 minutes practices. Using one, or a series of these, gives me ways to move when I'm stuck indoors.

2. Food; time to comfort eat, or time to prepare your body for the coming spring/summer? I don't do much comfort eating. But like my cycle of exercise I have a daily "practice" of must have dietary needs: Morning - coffee. After several cups of coffee I usually have a big bowl of plain yogurt with honey and granola. Afternoon: dark chocolate and Earl Grey tea. Dinner: a glass of wine with dinner. Late night: herbal tea and a cookie. Throughout the day - lots of water.

3. Brainpower; do you like me need to stave off depression, if so how do you do it? These days I am totally working hard to stave off depression....exercise is a big part of it. Meditating helps. Blogging is essential. And, hopefully, a good night's sleep.

4. How about a story that lifts your spirits, is there a book or film that you return to to stave off the gloom? Lately: watching movies like "Serendipity" or "Sleepless in Seattle" or, even, "The Count of Monte Cristo" - over coming adversity with humor and love...or reading books: recently "Eat, Pray, Love" and "People of the Book"...but nothing that I automatically turn too.

5. Looking forward, do you have a favourite spring flower/ is there something that says spring is here more than anything else? Tulips, Lilacs, and:

Bonus; post a poem/ piece of music that points to the coming spring......

Spring: Mary Oliver

a black bear
has just risen from sleep
and is staring

down the mountain.
All night
in the brisk and shallow restlessness
of early spring

I think of her,
her four black fists
flicking the gravel,
her tongue

like a red fire
touching the grass,
the cold water.
There is only one question:

how to love this world.
I think of her
like a black and leafy ledge

to sharpen her claws against
the silence
of the trees.
Whatever else

my life is
with its poems
and its music
and its cities,

it is also this dazzling darkness
down the mountain,
breathing and tasting;

all day I think of her -—
her white teeth,
her wordlessness,
her perfect love.


Auntie Knickers said...

Thanks for the poem, I didn't know that one. And your photo is beautiful too!

Sally said...

Love that poem and the hyacinths are georgeous!

Jan said...

Love the poem. I know you are being diligent with your health, body, and soul. You are a model to me for how to live through difficult times, but also living in the ordinary requires the same disciplines. Thanks, MP.

Sue said...

That's so hilarious - I posted the same poem on my Friday Five and I honestly had not been over here yet!

Great minds think alike!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

you dedicated exerciser you! i don't know if mary oliver has ever had a close-encounter with a black bear... i'm not so uhm loving when i think of them i guess. they are BIG and a wee bit scary... even if they were only after the berries and not me.

P-Squared said...

Have always loved Mary Oliver. Thanks for the reminder and the picture, too.

Processing Counselor said...

You're so dilligent in exercising. I've been wrestling files all day. So much for being a counselor...

Mary Beth said...

I have an April birthday and always used to get a potted hyacinth - love them. then i turned up allergic! :( boo. Thanks for this great picture.

hip2b said...

I am impressed. And praying.

zorra said...

As I told Sue, I love Mary Oliver but I didn't know that poem. Thanks.

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