My daughter has taught her dog, Ollie, to balance objects on his nose. She places something on his nose and tells him to "Wait!" then after a short time she says, "Take it!" and he turns his head, catching the object in his mouth. He does it really well, to our great amusement.

Balance is something that I strive for in my life. Unlike this trick of Ollie's, I seek balance that is deeper - spiritual, emotional, physical - balance.


Teri said…
My cat's name is Ollie...she can't balance anything. LOL.
I think I'd rather have your kind anyway...
Sherry said…
I really do get and appreciate the message Mompriest, but I gotta tell ya, you really need to submit this photo to Hotdog! with an appropriate title....Something like "Ollie thought the bandana made him look rakish to the girls, and was surprised when they snickered as he walked by." lol..great pic.
Mary Beth said…
Praying for this balance in your life and mine.
I'd settle for Ollie's balance today.
well i'm glad you aren't trying to balance tennis balls on your nose... not sure how that'd go over in an interview!?!!

balance has been coming to you all along... and more will be on the way...hopefully soon and very soon.
Deb said…
Sometimes I wonder how anyone does it... then I realize that probably no one does all the time. It's just being honest enough to pick up the pieces and try it again.

Prayers for this leg of your journey!

And kudos to Ollie!

P.S. Have you read "Margin"? It makes me think that it is more about keeping my margins than balance... leaving room for stuff to fly.
altar ego said…
Good for Ollie, and for your daughter for taking the time and exercising the patience to teach him this.

Balance is a tough one, sort of like a carrot at the end of the proverbial stick. And sometimes I think we have it and don't know it. A perpetual goal.
Beach Walkin said…
Balance in life? I'm still just trying to figure out how not to fall off of the teeter totter... when I'm sitting on the end that's on the ground.
Jan said…
Prayers. And I wish I was training Maisie in something!!

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