RevGals Friday Five: Redo, Refresh, Restore

Songbird over at RevGals offers this Friday Five Meme as we prepare for Holy Week: Please share with us five ways you redo or refresh or restore your body, your space, your blog, anything in your life that needs perking up this week.

I wrote about this recently as I reflected on generating regeneration (see previous post). That reflection was primarily about recovering from a cold that seems to come back over and over while at the same time trying to commit to a workout schedule at a fitness club. I have never someone who goes to the gym, if I can't workout at home I don't workout. But this new place is too small and with three big dogs it's impossible to work out here, except for dog walks. So, off to the gym I go. It helps that my daughter goes too. Thus, working out regularly is one way I am trying to renew, restore, redo, and refresh this aging body. Exercise is good for the mind and spirit too.

Usually I take one or two silent retreats a year at a local retreat center. In Arizona I was fond of Desert House of Prayer. Here in the Chicago area I like St. Benedicts in Benet Lake, Wi. A three day silent retreat filled with meditation and prayer, yoga, walking, knitting and reading is ideal for restoring me when I have been filled with outputting energy - like leading and preaching in worship, leading meetings, guiding conversations, tending to pastoral care.

Knitting is an every day way I refresh my energy. Knitting is a form of active meditation or perhaps contemplation. I do a little knitting almost every day.

Blogging affords me some time to reflect - its often a form of spiritual writing as I process my life and faith, my doubts and my joys, all in the context of trying to discern what God is calling me to do. This is also a process of refreshment and restoration.

Massages are definitely a means of refreshment and restoration. I get a massage about once a month. They are also great for sore muscles from all the working out I'm doing.

Mostly I think that it is really important to take of ourselves. As women, as clergy, as people who spend a great deal of our time tending to others it is important to spend the time for self care.


Songbird said…
Amen! It really is.
These days knitting isn't on that list for me because it's a reminder of what I *can't* do. I still knit, but it feels more like a challenge--sometimes simply a mental one--than a restoration. I miss that.
revhipchick said…
you are amazing! how is it that you take such great care of your soul and body? you constantly inspire me.

i miss yoga--i've been afraid to try it because of the pressure it puts on my wrists.

thank you for your wisdom and being a role-model for the Do side of life (rather than Do Not).

altar ego said…
I wish I could knit regularly. An overly energetic puppy who likes to leap into my lap without warning makes that a challenge.

I would have added to my own list of five connecting with others. As solo pastor and Jill of all other job descriptions (except organist) I feel isolated too much, and don't have enough local relationships to help renew. So thank you for your friendship through the blog world. It matters more than can be stated.
Diane said…
your refresh-ing ideas are me thinking... I think knitting can be refreshing, but it's also challenging for me, and a little obsessive. I'm on a high learning curve right now...
Deb said…
Oh so true that we do not do enough thoughtful self-care. (A package of oreos does not equal self care! LOL!)

I haven't done a 3 day silent retreat but I do enjoy my once-a-month ritual at a retreat center near me.
Sally said…
Thanks for the self care reminder. Hope you enjoy the gym
Purple said…
My first silent retreat was 3 days...loved every minute...and did not want it to end.
sounds like you're adapting... adjusting... finding balance. yahoo!
Jan said…
I'm so glad you find blogging to be restorative. So many bloggers seem to disagree. It is good to stay in touch with you, via the internet and prayer.
Muthah+ said…
Mompriest, the Religious of the Cenacle used to have a retreat in the Chicago area. I have always loved the atmosphere of their retreat centers.
Yes, the Cenacle is still here, one in Chicago and one in Warrenville. Been there many times.

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