Here. and. Here.

When I moved to Chicago my daughter took me to her Fitness Club ("the gym") to check it out. I haven't joined a club, or a gym, in years, not since my kids were little. Not since I never went to the one I did join. Instead, as you may know from reading this blog, I work out on my own. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of staying in shape. Well, except for the weight I've gained.

Since joining this gym I've found it very easy to go and work out. I head out most mornings around 9:30 or 10. Several days a week I take a "class." I alternate these classes between yoga, pilates, strength, and fitness (one a day four days a week). The classes are all 60 minutes except the fitness class (alternating cardio with weights and core) which is a vigorous 45 minutes. I also often add 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, a 10 minute swim and 5 minutes in the hot tub. Then most afternoons I take my dogs for 30 minute walk.

That means that suddenly I am getting about 2 hours of exercise most days of the week.

It's no wonder that I hurt. Hurt where every muscle connects to a tendon or a ligament or a bone.


It's all good though.


Purple said…
Yeah for You!
actually, muscles connect to tendons and ligaments BUT tendons only connect muscle to muscle while ligaments connect muscle to bone. so. maybe it is only my muscles that hurt? LOL

thanks, purple...
Rev Nancy Fitz said…
Excellent. you are an inspiration.
Michelle said…
Definitely inspiring!!
Ann said…
Wow, though! 2 hours a day! Awesome! I find that I hurt more (but paradoxically feel better) when I exercise more. Do you take anything for your joints? I find the GNC supplement called "Triflex+SAM-e" really helps me.

You go, girl!

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