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I have been away from internet access for a number of days, which is weird for me. I have missed my daily blogging - reading the blogs of my friends and posting the various things I am pondering. And, on this trip there has been much to ponder, but I'll write more about that later....for today, while I sit in WiFi free hotspot at a laundramat, I want to post some photos of my drive yesterday from Southern Utah to Salt Lake City. Suffice it to say it was an awe-filled day.

Sunsrise from my bedroom at my dad's house in Southern Utah near Escalante

Highway 12 near Bryce Canyon

My son and his dog during our short hike along Calf Creek (highway 12 toward Boulder, Ut.)

Calf Creek Vista

Beginning our descent from 9660 feet, top of the Rockies....outside Boulder, Ut.


Jan said…
So glad you posted. Beautiful pictures! I particularly like the one of Bryce Canyon because it reminds me of my recent trip to New Mexico. Plus, CB and I drove through Bryce Canyon when we moved from WA State to VA when we were young and pretty newly married.
Robin said…
It's amazing to me that these places exist.
Rev SS said…
thx for sharing these beautiful pics ... look forward to hearing more about the pondering when you're back
Sherry Peyton said…
It's always amazing how beautiful the world really is. Thanks for sharing a slice of America. I too am waiting to hear of your ponderings. We have missed ya!
Barbara B. said…
LOVE the pictures!
Katherine E. said…
Wow! These are gorgeous

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