Musings On A Monday Night...It's all about the And

The last two days have been suddenly, startling, hot, AND humid. The operative word here is AND. Well, and Humid. Yes, it's true that we had heat in Arizona - big time heat. And this time of year, late May and early June were the hottest. And, we also had some humidity in Arizona. We especially had a lot of humidity during the monsoon season of July and August. And I hated it. There. but also here. I am not a fan of humidity - of being constantly damp. I'm also not a fan of air conditioning, but frankly the humidity, and my response to it, means air conditioning., that's been the biggest event of the last few days:sun, hot, humid.

You'd think that all this heat and humidity would cause my sore and tire muscles, sore and tired from a lot of exercise at the gym, would cause them to be a little less sore. Actually, it's not so much that they are sore as they are, tired. Very tired. Tired above and below my knees. Tired above and below my shoulders. Really tired from two tough days of exercise. Good. But tough. Good, though.

So, today I took the day off from exercise. Except for bathing four dogs and then walking them a mile so they could dry off. Except it was hot and humid, and they didn't dry. At least not all the way. Anyway.

Oh. And did I mention four dogs? Ollie Emmyand, Roxie and Ruby
Yes, my two (Roxie and Ruby) our son's dog (Emmy)a smallish 40 pound very compact bordercollie/pit bull mix (we think), and our daughter's weimeranier (Ollie). Four dogs for the last week. It's been a hand full. Not bad - just a lot of dog. Dog vying for space to sleep - since no one was really at their home. Dog vying for attention, and food, and exercise. Dog. a lot of dog. But today our daughter came home from her vacation in Florida and got her dog. After helping me bath them and walk them. And hanging around to have dinner with me. Then she and her dog went home.

As if that weren't enough I also spent a little more than 24 hours taking care of my god-daughters
Little L and Baby Z - who are not really babies anymore but two year old toddlers...I stayed with them while M2 went out of state for an interview. It was fun. They are such sweet girls! I'm glad I'm here and able to do this.

Now, all is quiet. The house is cool enough. And I'm tired. Hoping I sleep tonight.

That was my week, And, my day.



Jan said…
Life seems busier and more hectic when it's hot and humid, which is the zone we're in in south TX. BTW, email me your address, so I can send you a snail mail note now and again.
altar ego said…
Like you, I detest humidity. I refer to myself as the weather wimp. Heat is better, tolerable with a breeze. But humidity? Yuck.

I've been "anding," too. My Mom visited (left this morning), so there were things on the agenda while she was here that meant multi-tasking more than usual. A good "and" though.

Thanks for asking. Hope your aches and pains vanish soon.
Sherry Peyton said…
We were out early getting the gardening done in the humidity before it got too hot. along came a thunderstorm and took the humidity clean away. It's lovely now, though still overcast. But my cold dinner plan seems rather silly now! lol...
That's a big reason I moved from Minnesota to Oregon--still green, low humidity: but the downside turns out to be wildfires. Ah well...

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