Monday Morning Musings

It's Monday, a sunny, beautiful morning following a night when I almost got some sleep. I say almost because at my age I am sleep challenged. It happens. Ask any woman who is in her 50's, then again, don't, it's not very interesting, the reasons why. Trust me, it happens, though. But this morning I am drinking a great cup of coffee after almost sleeping all night. That's a good start.

My dogs are playing, and wondering why I haven't fed them, yet. I will soon. But I like to keep them on their toes, not too set on a pattern of must have's. They are creatures of habit though and won't let me get away with this too long. Besides, I will need a second cup of coffee soon and that will trigger me to feed them. As long as I'm up off the sofa anyway....

I don't have any big plans for this day. I'm going to go to the gym and work out. I'm going to do some grocery shopping. I've been dog sitting at my daughters place so I will pack up later and go home. I have to write a sermon for this Sunday. I'm preaching and supplying for the next three Sunday's. That's good. I need the work. Anyway, I won't write the sermon today, but I will begin to think about it. I have to follow up with some of the churches/dioceses I have submitted my materials too and see where they are in their search process.

More importantly, as I go through this day, I will be holding a prayer vigil. A young boy, a former parishioner, is having an MRI and several biopsies this morning. He has cancer and the doctors think it may be spreading even as he is receiving heavy doses of chemo. I will pray for him and his family.

A day of light and dark, of peace and some worry. A rather ordinary day. But I hope the news ends up being extraordinary for that boy and his family.


Robin said…
I hope so, too, and I will keep them in prayer today.
Rebecca Ramsey said…
I'll pray too.
Jan said…
I, too, am sleep-challenged (here at the end of my 50's) and couldn't go to sleep last night until wee hours of the morning. So today it's nice that two meetings have been cancelled.


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