Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Twenty Questions

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? Working out is making a difference. Followed by, should I color my hair or let it go gray (again). Followed by, I wish I had the patience to grow it out.

2. Do you miss anyone right now? I recently moved back to the area where all my family and friends live - so thankfully, no. But for the two years prior - I missed my daughter most of all.

3. If you could move anywhere else, would you? I moved far away some time ago and found out that if you can't find your hearts desire in your own backyard you won't find it any place else, either.

4. If you could choose, what would your last meal be? Grilled Filet Mignon, garlic smashed red potatoes, steamed asparagus, and a glass of really nice red wine. OR grilled salmon, rice, and a salad with a glass of really nice chardonnay. I'm really basic and happy with simple ordinary home cooked meals.

5. What famous person, dead or alive, would you want to have lunch with? Hillary Clinton, I think she is really smart, has a good heart, and cares deeply for this country, this world, and humanity. And, really, she must have some great stories to share about the people she has met around the world. I think she has the most awesome job ever.

6. what was the last book you read? A Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks - a work of fiction about a plague stricken community in England in the 1500's and the strength of two women.

7. what was the last movie you watched? I haven't watched a movie in a long while. I am watching, much to my surprise, the Stanley Cup series and the Chicago Blackhawks. It's fun.

8. what was the last song you heard? Turned the radio off in the car yesterday to drive in silence and enjoy a sense of peace following a great yoga class and a beautiful sunny day. And I have no idea what I listened to before that, something from the shuffle setting on my iPod from Eric Clapton or Indigo Girls, I think.

9. what is your dream vacation? I'd love to be able to make it to Utah for two or three weeks every summer and just spend time enjoying the beautiful areas where my dad has homes. Again, I'm pretty basic.

10. what is the next trip you will take? I just returned from my fourth drive to and from Arizona in 7 months. I don't have any plans for another trip any time soon, except perhaps to move.

11. did you ever go to camp? Yes, a couple of times. We had 5th grade camp at the end of, uhm, 5th grade. And then Girl Scout camp. And then I was the chaplain for church camp one summer.

12. have you ever been in love? Yes, still am. Twenty-five years and counting....

13. what do you want to know about the future? OH my.....well, a number of things but I'm not saying here....

14. where is your best friend? I have a couple of BFF's and they all live in the Midwest.

15. how is your best friend? They are all well and fine.

16. who is the biggest gossiper you know? Oh, my....well that would be someone who lives where I used to live, not naming names....I don't like gossip in any form about I stay away from it. Although I have been known to say a snarky thing now and then, but it's always true, too...sigh

17. what does your last text message say? Yes. He works all day tomorrow and I have to a get a sermon written. preaching at St. J's in B. Friday. (word for word)

18. what are 3 things you've always wanted to do, that you still plan to accomplish? I'm just trying to get through the day, that's enough for now.

19. what is one thing you learned from your parents? Neither one of my parents were particularly great role models. It's complicated....not bad people just, well, not good parents....My work in therapy led me to understand that in many ways I raised myself. My mom did insist that I go to college, so there's that. But mostly I learned that I did not want to be my parents.

20. what is one thing you hope to teach to your own children? Respect yourself, respect other people too and treat everyone with kindness and dignity. I think they got it....

I got these from AltarEgo and I think the rules are that if you copy these from me and answer them on your blog you are supposed to let me off I go to let AltarEgo know...


Anonymous said...

that whole thing about knowing about the future... is kinda strange. i don't think i wanna know about the future... even when i say that i want to know. if i knew... i would change the way i'm acting or what i'm saying... because i would be afraid that i would live into the future that i didn't like... or blow one that i was in love with. that seems to me to be a very scary... tense... way to live.

camps bite. can you say covered in poison ivy????

Mompriest said...

I never got poison ivy from camp but I did get it from camping - my first time out - and got it BAD!!

revhipchick said...

i love that you are still in love and continuing in love for the past 25 years and beyond the next 25 as well.

altar ego said...

I hadn't thought of including my summer as chaplain/Christian Ed director at our diocesan camp as going to camp--probably because I have blocked out that experience for too many reasons!

I hope you'll have chances to see more of your bffs now that you're in Chicago!

Sherry Peyton said...

Thanks for this Terri. It's a bit like reading your diary! It is interesting to think about what I would have said as I read it.

Jan said...

Interesting. I appreciated what you said about your parents; I could probably have said much the same.

Katherine E. said...

I'm with you and Jan, Terri.
Also letting you know that I copied the Twenty Questions from you on my blog!

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