Monday Morning Musings

(photo from here)

Today we begin five days of Vacation Bible School using the Baobab curriculum from Augsburg. I'm just helping out at this church, I'm not the official priest or clergy in charge. I'm interested to see how it goes, we will have about 34 kids, ages 1-8. Since I start the day off with prayer I'm wondering about a prayer on the theme of Trust that would have some sort of meaning for 2 year olds. Oh, and did I mention that 18 of these kids are Japanese? And two of the two and half year old are my twin god-daughters. The VBS leaders are really excited and invested in the kids having a good time. I think the prayer will have to be very simple. I know from previous years that I won't really know what works for this group until about Wednesday, when the newness has worn off and we have some sense of the routine. No matter what though, we will pray in some capacity, even the intent to pray is a form of prayer, right? And I'm sure we will have fun!

In addition to VBS I am planning a cross country trip with my friend,'s on my mind, but more on that later...


Rebecca Ramsey said…
Wow, now that sounds like a fun VBS. Do you drink coffee? I think I'd have to start with at least 2 cups! :)
I've not heard of the Baobab curriculum, but I love those trees! Must investigate that!
Sherry Peyton said…
Great Pic! I did a VBS some years ago in NM. It was amazing. It was for mostly American native peoples and the kids were so special and so much fun. I really learned a lot. Thanks for the memory.

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