Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Prayer Proper 9C

God of all creation, of Me and you, of
Earth and sea, of Sky and stars, God of
All, bless us this day with the freedom
Of your love, freely given, freely shared.

God who suffers when we are arrogant,
When we are prideful and hurtful,
God who weeps when we turn away
From your love, freely given, freely shared.

Be with those who suffer this day and night
Suffer at the end of life. Suffer from rich oil which gives
So much to life and yet can take life just as easily.
From all the tragedies of the world, love us whole.

God bless us with prophets who dare to
Speak to us in the ordinary, in the every day
Unnamed voices calling out and showing us the
Depth of your love, freely given, freely shared.

May we listen, may we hear, may we follow,
may we lead, may we pray in your name,
may we heal in your name, may we be your heart
may we help as once again you make the world whole.

God transform us with your love, make us whole
That we can make whole those we meet, strangers,
Family, friends, enemies, one and all, together in the
Depth of you love, freely given, freely shared.

And if we cannot lead, if we cannot follow if
Others are deaf to the love we bring, to the hope
you offer through us, if your love in us is rejected
may we gently walk away still free to love generously,
as you love.

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and thoughtful. May I borrow it to use with my confirmation class this evening? We are looking at God in the Ordinary, so both your sermon and your prayer are right where we are.

Mompriest said...

Gabriel, of course! I am grateful they speak to you and your community.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your generosity.

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