Monday Morning Musings

Monday again. Monday used to be my day off, ergo why I started posting Monday Morning Musings, thinking about what I was going to do on my day off (or not) and what the week ahead held for me. Now that I'm not really working one could say that every day is a day off.

Well, except for Sunday's. I continue to get, thankfully, calls to do supply work. I entered Oct. with nothing on my calendar, and now it's full. I have a supply gig every Sunday. I'm grateful for that. Oct. 31 will be fun and interesting as I will preach at the parish that sponsored me in the ordination process. I haven't been back there in about 10 years. But still many of the people who were my friends when my husband and I attended that church are still there. It will be fun.

I have plans to go to the gym today and take a yoga class. I have a phone call scheduled with someone in NYC to talk about the Words Matter module that we are creating. I've written the draft, now we are editing and revising it. I'll use it at a workshop at the annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago in Nov. And I'm working on a powerpoint presentation for another workshop I'll offer at that convention on "Green Worship".

That's my day. What about yours?


altar ego said…
You've got some nice, creative and restoring things on your agenda today! I'm not entirely sure what is on my agenda today, but I have no doubt that it will fill up without any problem at all.
Mary Beth said…
Good for you! Sounds like a good day.
Rebecca Ramsey said…
Sounds very cool. It's so good to have work that feels exciting. I'm applying for a job today & working on a talk I'm giving on Friday. It's about accidental encounters with God through the least of these. I'm glad to do it, though a little nervous. I'll be speaking to the church I grew up in, so it's a friendly audience!
zorra said…
Drove in to work at work work...then went to my book club, to which I was invited by one of my best friends, at a great church just a block from my office. We are reading The Great Emergence, and considering Harvey Cox's The Future of Faith for later. Now chillin' at home--and headed for bed!
Gaye said…
Like the new header picture.

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