Friday, October 29, 2010

RevGals Friday Five Meme: Comfort edition

kathrynjz over at RevGals offers this Friday Five:

Today's Friday Five is an opportunity for you to list five of your favorite 'go-to' movies/tv shows/books. You can use images, links, explanations or netflix.

I rarely read books a second time. I guess I figure if I've read it once, that is enough? But I listen to music over and over and watch certain movies again and again. So maybe I need to rethink the one-time book read approach....(duh)....

Anyway, here is my list of five favorite movies/music (I don't know what I'm going to write as I start this so it will be a stream of consciousness)

1. Sound of Music is one of my favorite. I first saw it when I was a little girl, probably in first grade. My parents took me to see it because I earned good grades in school (or at least that was the incentive I recall). It was cold and wintery. We saw it a theater - now one of those classic old ones, in downtown Salt Lake City. The streets were still adorned with Christmas decorations on the light poles, I remember waiting to go inside, wearing my nice winter coat, MaryJane shoes, and a hand-muff to keep my hands warm. I remember nothing of actually watching the movie that time. But since then I have watched it many times, countless.

2. any CD by Yo Yo Ma - I love listening to the cello and I love how Yo Yo Ma interprets music and how his passion resonates through the cello. I was blessed to see him perform live last December.

3. In particular I love Mozart sonata's. Or Beethoven sonatas.

4. I also like to watch Family Man - with Tea Leoni and Nicolas Cage, where Cage's character learns how his life could be if had made a choice for love not greed. Or almost any movie with Sandra Bullock - While You Were Sleeping, The Proposal, Two and half weeks. Or for that matter movies with Hugh Grant - I wonder what it's like to become famous playing characters is sappy romantic comedies? But I for one like to watch them, in part I think because I like a happy ending.

5. Poetry - now I can read and reread poetry books endlessly - Mary Oliver: Red Bird, Thirst, Dream Works, and collections of poems over the years. I can also read Billy Collins and Dorothy Parker and Denise Levertov...I tend to be drawn to contemporary poets more than the classics.


kathrynzj said...

Thank you for this. I especially appreciate the list of authors of poetry you enjoy and also the dabbling in romantic comedies. I LOVE me some babbling Hugh Grant. :)

altar ego said...

I've never seen Family Man (around here we watch National Treasure ad nauseum), but I'm with you on Sandra Bullock. Adored The Proposal! Laughed, and laughed... I'm also grateful to you for sharing Mary Oliver. I need to read more of her. Nice play.

angela said...

I like Sandra Bullock too and forgot to mention it!

Oh, i guess i could probably have done whole 'music comfort FF post--that would be interesting to reflect on too.

But I like that you mention Mary Oliver: I've got her collected works somewhere round here. And I don't think I've ever read a poem of hers that I didn't like. Some of the others I'll have to look up--thanks for giving me some new ones to poke around. I've been missing poetry in my life lately.

Wendy said...

Hugh Grant. yes. Love Sense and Sensibility with Hugh and Emma. Probably my favorite Hugh Grant character ever. I love Sandra Bullock, too. Even Miss Congeniality.

And I've been reading Mary Oliver thanks to your blog and a nudge from my pastor. It's been very comforting.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

i guess i'm in the minority but hugh really is "ick" in my book...

however family man is a great holiday flick indeed!

hope the cold shakes loose.

Sue said...

Family Man is one of my favourites! Great play and I hope you feel better soon.

Auntie Knickers said...

Also sending get well wishes, and I concur with your movie choices! If you email me your snailmail address I'll send you a copy of my brother's new book of poems when it comes out (sometime in the next month I think)
Oh and by the way - my daughter is not really a bishop -- just a UCC minister -- but it wouldn't surprise me if she were to become President of the UCC someday.

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