RevGals Friday Five

Songbird, over at RevGals is thinking about friendships today and offers this Friday Five:

For today's Friday Five, some questions about friendship.

1) Who is the first friend you remember from childhood? I lived in a small town in Wisconsin when I was in 5-8 grades and had a good friend whose father owned the local newspaper. They were an interesting family, engaged in a lot of interesting discussions. I had friends when I was younger but had moved so often that they never formed deeply. Sadly I moved again and then again, finally landing in Illinois when I was a sophomore in high school where I formed other longer lasting friendships.

2) Have you ever received an unexpected gift from a friend? Yes. A few years ago when I was struggling I received an unexpected phone call and then a box with a beautiful painted flower pot and a box of calming tea from a friend I met through this blogging community. I was so touched, and appreciated her thoughtfulness. We've never met, but we always say we're coming right over, whenever one or the other is struggling! Neighbors in cyberspace.

3) Is there an old friend you wish you could find again? Or have you found one via social media or the Internet? I have found a number of old friends via Facebook.

4) Do you like to get your good friends together in a group, or do you prefer your friends one on one? Either way!

5) Does the idea of Jesus as a friend resonate with you?I'm more inclined to experience Jesus as companion or guide, as one who walks with me through the ups and downs in life. Not exactly a friend, because I don't think of myself on equal footing with Jesus - friendships carry a greater degree of mutuality than I think of my relationship with Jesus, which is a little bit more one sided - I share Jesus guides - but Jesus doesn't really seek my counsel or support in the same way. Still, as a companion there is a comfortable friendliness between us.


Jan said…
Since you and I are friends on cyberspace, it was nice to hear about the surprise from another internet friend. It was nice to hear about your first friend, too. All the moves are difficult.
Songbird said…
What a lovely gift.
i like the 'coming right over' :) it evokes reassurance of not being alone .. lovely
Mompriest said…
Jan, you are one of my most special blogger friends...:-)
Wendy said…
What a lovely unexpected gift.

My family settled my sophomore year of high school, too. I had glimpses of friendship before that, but the lasting friends didn't come until college. That was my mom's mantra--wait until college. Then you'll find people.
Rev SS said…
I especially appreciate and agree with your response to #5 "friendship" with Jesus!

I am thankful for our friendship, and look forward to meeting IRL one day in the not too distant future.
angela said…
I had difficulty with the friendship with Jesus question too. You expressed it very well.

It takes such effort to go out of the way and surprise someone--it's as important to be the receiver too though and appreciate it instead of trying to pay back.
RevDrKate said…
Loved hearing about the blogger gift, and your Jesus answer so resonates for me.
Jennifer said…
Question #5's answer of your just rocks. I agree wholeheartedly.
Thanks, friend.

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