Monday Musings a short while I will lead two workshops. One will be on the module I helped create for WordsMatter and one will be on "Green Worship." (you know, ways we can be, and become, more mindful in worship about the created world and our place in it).

So, here's the question - and I would really appreciate some thoughts - what do you look for - or hope for - in an hour long workshop? And if you attended one of these workshops, what would you expect to take away from it?


Gaye said…
If we had such wonderful things in my part of the world I would want something that I can take away with me that reflects a change in the way I see things, a greater depth or just simply a little more love. So if were simply a prayer, a tag line that jogs my memory or something I can do, like buy fairtrade coffee.
Mompriest said…
thanks, Gaye. I appreciate this. Helpful.

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