“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Friday, July 23, 2010

RevGals Friday Five Meme - Decisions, decisions, decisions....

Songbird offers this simple Friday Five Meme about decisions, what do I prefer?

Here they are:

1) Cake or Pie I love both. I love to make both, from scratch. I think of pies as seasonal - berry pies in the summer, Thanksgiving pies, and a banana cream for my husband's birthday. On the other hand I make cake all the time. I am particularly fond of my grandmothers raisin cake with caramel frosting, following a recipe written by her as her handwriting failed. I also love chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting.

2) Train or Airplane Usually I prefer flying, I just like to get there. Or if its public transportation I prefer to drive. I find trains, while I love the idea of them, to be noisy. Public transit trains are filled with people talking n their cell phones so loudly that I can every word, even if they are half a car away. Once I took the train in to Chicago on a Sunday morning and it was filled with people going to the Blackhawks game, people who were not drinking water (vodka? gin?) in those water bottles. At 9am. That was really startling. So, I love the idea of train trip for a vacation, like Jan is taking, through Alaska, but otherwise, not so much.

3) Mac or PC I only own PC's but I don't like them. I much prefer Mac's.

4) Univocal or Equivocal Curious. well, I can see occasions when each is valuable. In theory I prefer Equivocal, but that is often hard to achieve.

5) Peter or Paul Peter. He was so human, so flawed, and yet so loved by Jesus. Then again, Paul is pretty awesome too. He was broken, transformed, and went on to grow so many churches. Portions of his letters inform me and my ministry, like Ephesians 4 and Romans 8.

See. I am not good at making decisions at all. I am usually a both and kind of person, trying to see all sides and adjust my decision based on a number of factors in the moment. or the day. or the week, month, year....