This morning I decided to go for a walk. No matter that the outside air temp was 13 degrees. I was not going to be confined or intimidated by the temperature. I bundled up in my mom's old down coat. It's a long coat from LL Bean, one she purchased many years ago. After she died I saved it, finding it a good coat for winter dog walking. She would have liked that, being a dog lover herself. It's a little too big for me but it was my mom's. And, the added layers I had on under and over helped it fit a bit better than usual.

Anyway, I was wrapped from head to toe in down, and an old Irish wool scarf, a hat and some insulated gloves and shoe/boots. I gathered my books and movies and trudged off to the library.

I could have driven the car. I walked right past it as I headed out on my walk. But the library is a mere three blocks from my house, an easy ten minute walk. It is really silly to drive unless I am running other errands, which I was not. Now that I think about it, I didn't even have to go to the library. Nothing was due back. And I have two books here to read. But that really wasn't the point. I simply needed to get out. To get some fresh air and a little sun, and some exercise.

I like living in a place where I can walk some where to do something I would otherwise drive to do. For many years I lived in areas where that wasn't possible - because there was nothing close by to walk too and no sidewalks for walking on. Just streets or the grass on the side of busy roads, or snow as the case would be today.

Today I went walking. The air was fresh and very cold. My nose stung and I could see my breath. The sun was shining and so was the ice on the sidewalks. I had to walk slowly, mindful of every step or risk a painful fall. The new snow that fell last night was fluffy and light, the day felt fresh, invigorating. Perfect for walking.


Songbird said…
It sounds great. I really miss walking, though with the snow we have now, I would probably be complaining about it if I had Sam to walk.
Sherry Peyton said…
It always sounds rather idyllic when someone else is doing it. Glad you enjoyed it though Terri!
i walked yesterday too... but today i'm not sure if we will. the doggies are restless though. me too some... the fresh air is a marvelous thing!

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