Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Last night I watched "Dateline." I never watch the news programs, tired of media portraits of social issues. But last night, before I could change the channel, I was caught up on the edition that dealt with teen bullying. In the kitchen making dinner, I was a captive audience, so to speak. But the article was well done and I'm glad I watched it.

I've written a lot about the human rights, social justice and injustice, and violence against women and children. On Facebook I posted a status update on the Charlie Sheen syndrome, and why many in society ignore the reality of his abusive behavior, and accepts his "bad boy" behavior with fascination. I encourage you to read this article from the NY Times, The Disposable Woman.

Yesterday I finished the "Girl Who..." series. Much violence and abuse against women and children in these books, but reflective of the real world. I appreciate the strong characters in this series, the systemic response to abuse, and the portrayal of dignity and integrity afforded the to women and men who worked for the resolution. I couldn't put the books down. I had to finish them. And now it will take me a day or two before I can move on to another book.

I have a big week ahead - preparing for and travelling to another time zone - for a two day job interview. I carry with me my passion for social justice, wondering how I am being called to live this out, how I am being asked to be the hands and heart of Christ.

That's what I'm musing about. You?


Lisa :-] said...

Job interview? Why would you want to leave Chicago? ;)

I didn't see the "Dateline" piece you mentioned. But I have been thinking a lot about teen bullying. It seems to me that children are being brought up in a society that is all about bullying. They only act as they have been taught...

Mirrored Balance said...

You will be in my prayers this weekend.

Social justice here has challenging context and one where every man, woman and child is vulnerable. But where ever one lives it is never an easy thing to live conscious of it in our daily lives.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

sad but true... charlie sheen makes a perfect example of ash wednesday's request for god to create clean hearts in us... all of us.

*sigh* just sayin

angela said...

It would be nice to have some concrete 'what to do's' about bullying. Seems like when I taught school the bullies were revered.

I'm interested even more in the 'Girl Who' series even though I think it might take a large toll on me.

Blessings on your job interview and I'm sure when and where you are supposed to speak up you will meet the challenge with the Spirit moving you onward.

Terri said...

From that documentary the concrete responses to bullying include:

1. if adults are present they need to intervene. Kids will acquiese to the response of the person in "authority". When adults ignore the behavior kids will continue.

2. kids need to be taught how to recognize and respond to bullying behavior - teasing, taunting, insulting, pushing, etc.

3. If a child is experiencing bullying the child needs to respond by standing up for him or herself and telling the bully to back off, that their words and actions are inappropriate.

I'm not sure if that response to the bully works for both boys and girls - boys being more physical and girls using I'd check with some experts for how to help a child being bullied to respond - but apparently the response of the person being bullied is crucial...a response that enables the child to regain self respect and confidence.

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