Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Prayer for Hope in the Wake of Disaster

O gracious God, who created this earth
who brought order out of chaos
who designed land and water
earth and sky and all creatures
be merciful in your grace once again
restoring order through the calamity
of the earthquake and tsunami that struck
disaster and took lives in Japan.

O gracious God, fill the hearts of those
who are unable to find their way home
who have lost food and house, family and friends,
fill their hearts with peace, despite all evidence
to the contrary. Fill broken spirits with grace through
the kindness of strangers, the love offerings of hand
and heart, through which you, O God, take action.

O gracious God, enable the people of the world
to take action, to find the lost, tend to the injured,
mourn the dead,. Help families and friends, neighbors
and co-workers as the shock wears off, help them
to find the help they need for food, water, housing, and
comfort. Help us know how to respond, effectively.

O gracious God, protect the people of Japan from
greater harm from radiation leaks and other post-earthquake
disasters. Still the troubled waters and shaking land and
trembling bodies. Still the traumatized spirits of human beings
and surround them with gentleness and kindness, provide for
their needs, help us, who live outside Japan, know how to help
those who live in Japan, that we can be the face of Christ, the
love of God poured out, in a time of brokenness and fear.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, Terri. We'll be using it at Peace Mennonite Church in Lawrence, KS, tomorrow. I'm running behind because of Ash Wednesday services this week. It's a blessing to be given a beautiful prayer. ~Joanna

Terri said...

Joanna, I'm grateful it will be useful to you and your congregation.

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

Terri, I'd like to use it too at Arlington COB. It is perfect.

Terri said...

Nancy, sure!

Songbird said...

Terri, this is exquisite. I would like to use it, too, if that's okay, at North Yarmouth Congregational Church UCC.

Terri said...

of course Martha.

Mirrored Balance said...

And I would like to use it with my confirmation group on Monday night. It gives words to my wordless prayers. Thank you

Terri said...

Hi Mirrored Balance, please feel free. thank you.

concretegodmother said...


Crimson Rambler said...

Ah, Terri, thank you so much...for the "words in season"!

angela said...

I agree--I'd love to use your prayer at Mount Rogers Lutheran Parish too--it is so hard for most of us to put the words together...blessings

Terri said...

Angela, feel free, and, thank you.

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