Monday Morning Musings

I'm awake and up before sunrise. The pleasant breeze and songbirds roused me from sleep and beckoned me out of bed. A mug of hot coffee in hand and a "To Do" list forming in my head. I am anxious - filled with anticipation - the moving company loads the truck a week from today. I want to pack as much as I can in the next few days, every possible extraneous thing. And then make the big push on Friday and Saturday to pack everything else.

Frankly, we don't have that much to pack. But almost everything that remains unpacked is something we use daily. What can we do without?

I thought my summer shoes were fine to pack. Those went in a box last week. But yesterday's 87 degree sunny heat demanded that I pull out a pair of walking sandals. My husband and I spent the day in Chicago, along the lake front. Our daughter ran in the Shamrock Shuffle, an 8K race through the city. Some 40,000 people raced, and plenty of people watched and cheered. It was scalding hot and humid for the post-race festivities - where I was stunned to learn that the racers received coupons for free beer. Carbs or not, drinking beer after a 5 mile run, in that heat, struck me as a really bad idea.

A short time later, after showers for the racers, we gathered at the Cheesecake Factory at the Hancock Center: my husband, daughter, her boyfriend (Keith) and his mother, father, sister and her daughter, and me. It was the first time the parents of this dating couple (my daughter and Keith) had met. We had a great time, and, of course, good food. A few hours later we were home, walking our dogs. By that time the sky's had clouded over and rain was coming. The heat and humidity was relentless.

Now the temperatures have cooled and are not expected to rise above the 60's for the next week. So, I'll repack the shoes and tape the box shut. And I'll spend this day packing loose ends and anything I think I can live without. Most of this week will include having coffee or lunch with friends on Tues. Weds. Thurs. and Friday. And, of course as much packing as I can do. Friday through Sunday will be the final packing push.

That's my week. What about you?


Mary Beth said…
I always love reading you. And I really really love reading you as you move forward. Thanks be to God!
Jennifer said…
Thinking of you this week, and next, and the week after that....
You've made me aware suddenly that having lived in the same house for twenty five years I have accumulated an awful lot of stuff, a lot of which I do not need. Packing this house is an unwelcome thought suddenly and I am moved to consider my squirrel hoards of stuff in a new light.

Happy moving.

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