Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Last night, for whatever reason, I had a tenacious headache. After taking the various pain meds, that dimmed the pain, but didn't relieve me of it, I took a hot bath and went to bed. This morning I have a "shadow" of the pain. I know that I need a massage and to get back into a yoga and exercise routine, both of which will help ease this cycle of headaches I've had. It's a challenge to organize every aspect of life, when much of my daily life involves doing new activities in a new place. It's a reminder to me that good stress is still stress. The hot bath helped relax my muscles and encourage a restful sleep.

We continue to have long lingering days of rain. Relentless rain, clouds, and chilly temperatures. But worse, I know that our rain is eventually washing down river and causing greater strain on those who live in Mississippi and Louisiana. I worry about all those who have had to leave their homes so the levees can be opened. Yet another weather related tragedy.

Anyway, on this Monday, a day off, I intend to take a yoga class, rest, read, and relax. The rest of the week is filled with meetings - coffee with various members of the interfaith community and parishioners.

What about you? What are you doing this day, this week?


Purple said...

We too have had many grey days and rain. Ready for some sunshine. Hopefully a week of "getting-ahead"...I know...laugh with me.

Wrestling with some community dynamics as well.

Robin said...

Cleaning house!

Jan said...

I took the day off too and spent a part of it walking the beach with Anna. The rest of the week looks like a whirlwind! I hope your headache fades and your week is a great one!

altar ego said...

I'm getting here a day late, but this week I'm working on seeing and understanding myself differently, and then casting that self in a way to find a job! Not light stuff, to be sure, but interesting and revealing, nonetheless.

Mary Beth said...

Medium-busy here. Lots of big things that need to get done, that have been nibbling at me for a long time. Hope I can progress!

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