Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

This week the congregation I serve is hosting the Worldviews Seminar in Dearborn, Michigan. It is the ten anniversary of this seminar, created as the brainchild of Lucinda Mosher, Episcopal Relief and Development, the former rector of Christ Church, and Claude Jacobs, professor at the University of Michigan, Dearborn. It is a week long continuing Ed opportunity to learn about world religions. My hope, as the rector of this church and a member of the planning team, was to be very present for this seminar.

But it seems that life has other plans. I now have an interment on Tuesday for the sister-in-law of a parishioner and then a wake and funeral for parishioner who has attended this church for over sixty years. The wake is Wednesday and the funeral with interment will be Thursday.

In addition we hosting a number of small group sessions for me to meet parishioners, two of them will be this week.

Then, on Sunday we plan to participate in the interfaith worship scheduled for June 26, by having readings and prayers from other faith traditions incorporated in our Sunday service with members of that tradition present to read and pray. I also hope to show a video clip from the work of Sakeena, Director of Hope International. Hope International has office space in the church building.


It will be an exciting week celebrating the fullness of life.

What about your week?

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Rev Nancy Fitz said...

I will be thinking about you this week. I had several funerals last 2 weeks and it took its toll. I'm still recovering. I hope you can plan some time for yourself at the end of this week.

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