Friday, June 24, 2011

RevGals Friday Five

Over at RevGals I posted a Friday Five meme considering the various cultures and religions that we may have, or would like to experience.

In response I offer these quick thoughts:

I have studied yoga for many years, and through that a bit of Hinduism. I have also studied Buddhism and meditation. I am however a faithful practicing Christian. I'd like to know more about the faiths that have grown out of the Abrahamic tradition, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Also, I have had some experience with Hispanic cultures in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. I've always wanted to explore the Mayan and Incan cultures and visit their ancient lands in Mexico and Central America.

And, lastly, I often dream of being inParis, although I have never been there. I think it would be fun to understand why Paris is a destination of my subconscious and then to visit that city.

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Jan said...

Thanks for this FF, Terri. Your responses show more of you, which I like. I have several friends who say yoga brought them back to faith.

Purple said...

I think the event in Dearborn sounds fantabulous. I am putting in my "study leave" file for future consideration.

altar ego said...

So glad you get to be part of this event through UM. And Paris--there's something mysteriously inviting about that place: the light, the lyrical accordion music, the food, the wine, the language, the architecture, the Seine... Wouldn't it be great to lead a trip there to explore religious expression through the arts? I'll go with you!

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I also like the idea of going to Paris with the intent of studying religious expression through the arts (that altar ego suggested). Sign me up, too.

My daughter faithfully practices yoga (purely for the exercise) although I am not diligent. I hope to someday as it would be so good for my body.

I agree it would be interesting to study the Mayan and Incan cultures especially through an extended "field trip." One of my long-term goals is to spend the summer in Mexico at a language school that also gives opportunity for the students to study the culture.

Thanks for visiting my blog as part of the FF meme.

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