Friday Five: Rainy Day

Sally, over at RevGals offers this Friday Five, wondering what we do on a rainy day:

1. At home? Sit in a room where I can watch the rain, read, listen to music, drink coffee or tea. Essentially enjoy and rest.

2. In your local area? I often think it would be fun to sit in a coffee shop and read, but in reality I find them noisy with people talking too loudly to one another or on their cell phones. So, if I really have to get out on a rainy day I may go to a movie or the library.

3. If you are away on holiday?If I am in my one of my dad's house in Utah (Escalante, southern Utah near Bryce Canon or Hanna in northeast Utah in the Uinta Mts), I prefer it not rain while on vacation. Although I did once have a lovely vacation on the Pacific shore of south western Washington state, where it rained most of the time, but made for delightful beach walks when it wasn't rainy. We read, worked on a jig saw puzzle, and took a drive down the coast to Cannon Beach, Oregon (it was sunny that day).

4. Name a rainy day read. Any book I am currently reading. Lately I am reading a lot of murder mysteries: the China Bayles series, for example - murders in a small make-believe town in Texas that involve a detective-lawyer who owns a tea shop and sells herbs- delightful books, actually.

5. Is there a piece of music/ a poem/ story that cheers you up? Mozart or YoYo Ma on cello is always a relaxing way to appreciate a rain storm.

Bonus: post a rainy day photo Here is a photo of a monsoon over the Santa Rita mountain range south of Tucson, Arizona...


Jan said…
You are so right about reading any current read for a rainy day. I am going to have to check out those mysteries--I'm always looking for good ones.
Chelley said…
I was going to say the same - those mysteries sound good!
Sally said…
Love Yo Yo Ma :-) and as for reading on a rainy day, the perfect activity in my opinion.

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