Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

We've rounded the bend, so to speak. Although we may have more hot and humid days, the worst is over, at least in southeast Michigan. I do worry about our climate, about global warming, for it seems we seldom have a day of rain. Instead we have severe storms blow through with high winds, causing much damage to trees and homes. These storms carry buckets of rain which in a short amount of time flood basements, window wells, and streets. Then there's the high temperatures and drought in the south and southwest....I can only imagine what winter holds in store...

But on this morning, I am resting. Appreciating the bright sun and cooler temperatures, there's a chill in the air, hinting of autumn. Stirring memory senses of fresh crisp apples, and leaves changes color, of sweaters and jeans, and clogs, and homemade socks. I'm listening to Mozart, enjoying some coffee, and reading Mary Oliver:

"Mozart, for example"

All the quick notes
Mozart didn’t have time to use
before he entered the cloud boat

are falling now from the beaks
of the finches
that have gathered from the joyous summer

into the hard winter
and, like Mozart, they speak of nothing
but light and delight,

though it is true, the heavy blades of the world
are still pounding underneath.
And this is what you can do too, maybe,

if you live simply and with a lyrical heart
in the cumbered neighborhoods or even,
as Mozart sometimes managed to, in a palace,

offering tune after tune after tune,
making some hard-hearted prince
prudent and kind, just by being happy.

-Mary Oliver:Thirst; Beacon Press Boston, 2006

It's a day off for me and I have much to do.... But first a little respite. I hope you enjoy this day too, and share with me a little something that makes you happy!

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Hot Cup Lutheran said...

well now the dogs have both been walked already. we rustled up 2 blue herons at the lake... and now i'm off for shut-in calls...

what makes me happy? Dove raspberry and dark chocolate swirled candy... yum! oh and being fit, and a breeze it is hot, hot getting hotter.

Terri said...

Yes, that Dove candy is fabulous!! If it's hot where you are then it's headed my way, although sometimes the weather you get is diverted south of me due to the Great Lake effect...

Lisa :-] said...

I'm packing the trailer to go off on a camping trip--that makes me happy. What doesn't make me happy is that it has started to RAIN!!! :(

Terri said...

Lisa, I hope the rain is short lived and the camping trip delightful!

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