Friday, August 05, 2011

RevGals Friday Five


It's true, I took a week off of work to clean out the basement. Sadly, to look at a before/after photo would not make it look like my time had been used wisely. Just about everything is still down there, it's just in a different pile. BUT... our church rummage sale this year is going to be very, very blessed.

I'm wondering if anyone else out there takes a week off of work to do a different kind of work:

1) Have you ever 'staycationed' in order to work on a project? If no, would you? YES! I am currently on a "stay-cation!" And, as I live next door to the church I am working hard to not go over and check on things. Actually, I'm sure all is going well. So, I am relaxing, exercising, reading, finishing knitting and cross-stitch projects I started years ago, and doing some work to settle into the house.

2) What project did you or would you tackle first? My first project was to unpack the box of knitting and cross-stitch and organize it an unused dresser, Next I need to get drawer organizers to contain knitting needles and accessories.

3) Any other projects? When we moved in we didn't have furniture for the living room on this stay-cation we found a sofa and a rug. We'll continue to look at estate sales and garage sells for a chaise, or big chIr and ottoman, a wood rocking chair, or some other couple of chairs to finish the room. I may also paint some of the wood pieces and change up the hardware to give them a more contemporary look.

4) What are the pitfalls of a staycation for you? Well, I thought I'd go back to Chicago and see family and friends, but I spent travel money on, I need to just appreciate being here. That, I can do.

5) Never mind this staying at home business, where do you want to go and what do you want to do there. Yesterday we went to see Harry Potter at a local IMAX. That was fun! The last movie we saw in the theater was Julie and Julia, in August of 2009. Being un-employed and under-employed, we lived very lean for two years. Still are, but have a tiny cushion, if we are careful.

The other thing I am doing is exploring the neighborhoods on my bike, it's fun, interesting, and good exercise.

Lastly, today begins a weekend long local festival taking place down the street at a park. Our street will host the old car parade (we live in Dearborn, Michigan, right, so home of Ford, and other car companies). tonight, plus we should be able to see the fireworks from our backyard. I have another week of vacation and look forward to more of the above, minus the furniture shopping...
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Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

our posts are quite similar! mine's on moving/settling too - just back from 12 days of ongoing unpacking...
glad you're including the fun stuff with the work of settling in! knowing you'll be refreshed with the pacing~
enjoy those fireworks & the car classics. very cool!
HapPy Summer Terri "))

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

well staying home can be wonderful, when it feels like home! i found a leather recliner, norwegian made very modern... at the Goodwill! so happy furniture hunting... and knitting (which I can't do.... bailey bean is worse than a cat with yarn)

kathrynzj said...

It sounds like a great way to spend two weeks settling into your space with both the big things and the small things. Enjoy that festival and thank you for playing!

Shawna R. B. Atteberry said...

When you come to Chicago, if you want to meet up with a RevGal, let me know. That's where I live.

It sounds like you're getting settled in, and the festival sounds like so much fun. Hope you have a great weekend.

Rev SS said...

I actually love staycations... usually include some day trips to San Juan Islands, or etc. Yours sounds relaxing and fun ... hope the weather contributes to an excellent 2nd week

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