RevGals Friday Five: A Thanksgiving Edition

Jan, over at RevGals offers this Friday Five:

I've been home from Russia for less than a week, and in less than a week it is Thanksgiving Day in the USA (Nov. 24). So for this Friday Five, answer these questions (and if they don't apply to you, list five things you are grateful for):

1. Where will you be on Thanksgiving Day? With whom? I will be home on Thanksgiving with my husband and our son. We plan to grill steaks and twice baked potatoes, watch the Lions-Packers game, and relax. Then, on Sunday our daughter and her boyfriend will join us and we will have a regular Thanksgiving meal and celebration of my husband's birthday.

2. Are there any family traditions or memories associated with Thanksgiving? Watching the parade, going to a movie the next day, putting up the Christmas tree and beginning our decorations. This year we are hosting an open house at the rectory on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, for members of the parish - just coffee, tea, cider, and cookies. But that means the push is on to decorate! Which, we are looking forward too!

3. What will be on your Thanksgiving menu? See above - something very unusual. But then for our traditional dinner on Sunday evening, the usual - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, rolls, pie. I will probably make the apple/pear/cranberry pie that I made a few years ago - its really good!

4. Are you trying anything new this Thanksgiving? Yes, we are going to host the parish open house on the Sunday after, just a 2-4pm gathering with Christmas ornament making for the kids (and adults).

5. What is the weather forecast for this day (next Thursday)? I have no idea.

Bonus: Prayer, poem, song, or whatever you choose to exemplify your image of Thanksgiving (giving thanks).


Purple said…
Grilled steak or the them both. The pie sounds delish.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Jan said…
The dulcimer is cool!

I am impressed with your parish open house--thanksgiving for your love and hospitality.
well now grilled steak and football... you can't go wrong with that. blessings on the preparation for the open house... it can exhaust you if you're not careful.
Songbird said…
I hope the Open House goes well!

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