Friday, February 17, 2012

RevGal Friday Five: Freedom!

Jan, over at RevGals has recently been released from six weeks of wearing a sling to allow her shoulder to heal after surgery. As a result she is experiencing a new sense of "Freedom" and offers this Friday Five:

1. physical - six years ago I suffered from a terrible infection that landed me in the hospital for eleven days followed by nine weeks of antibiotics four times a day via self injected pic line. Being released from that pic line was a similar sense of freedom as Jan expresses.

2. spiritual - spiritual freedom. Curious. I could probably go in many different directions with this one, but given the short amount of time I have this morning, I'll go with the first thing that pops into my mind. Here in Dearborn we live in an active, intentional, interfaith city. I like that, it reflects the best of what this country has to offer and enables me to grow more deeply in my faith through relationships with other faiths.

3. emotional - this kind of freedom comes, I think, through doing the good hard work to understand what motivates me and what I do to undermine myself - those "old tapes" if you will, that can be destructive, fear filled, stifling. The more work I do to grow and be emotionally healthy the more "freedom" I experience.

4. vocational - working within a hierarchical church system enables a peculiar kind of freedom, but also, limitations. So, within the freedom I have I enjoy my vocation and find it gratifying. I often appreciate the structure, which I usually experience as useful, although there are occasions when the structure becomes destructive if we don't all do our best to function with healthy boundaries.

5. relationships - In some regard social media has opened up a whole new world of relationships for me. I maintain a regular connection with people from high school, earlier careers, and people I've become friends with, but have never met. It certainly seems like a wonderful sense of freedom!


Sandy said...

I appreciate the way you refer to a hierarchical church system as "a peculiar kind of freedom" because that has definitely been my experience as well! Peculiar is a great word for it!

Jan said...

So glad you played today, Terri! I think you are much "deeper" than you labeled yourself. I appreciate your mention of social media as a new form of freedom in relationships. I'm glad that you are in such an open community, too.

Purple said...

So with you on is hard, but good, work.

river song said...

"an active, intentional, interfaith city"--how wonderful that sounds! thanks for playing, peace!

Joolie said...

Last summer I interviewed at a congregation in Dearborn, which did not result in a call. I'm happy where I am, but whenever you mention your city, I think, I could have been her colleague! I'm glad we still are, through the wonders of the internet.

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