Monday, April 09, 2012

When It Was Monday, The First Day..

So, now it is that Monday. The Monday after Easter...I am tired, but not as exhausted as I thought I would be. Truth be told, this Holy Week and Easter were exhilarating...a reflection on this wonderful parish community I am blessed to serve.

Now Jan has gifted me with an "award"...

And in response I am to share seven things about me.

1. In 1974 I left home for college. I was an Agriculture major. My intention was to have a self-sufficient farm. I lasted for a year in that major...but the emphasis was on big business farming..not exactly my intention.

2. So after some consideration, consultation, and career skills tests, I settled on a dance major.

3. With that major in mind I enrolled in a smaller arts college and moved back to the big city (Chicago). I graduated with a BA in Dance and worked in the dance world for six years.

4. In 1983 I left dance and went to work for Eddie Bauer selling hiking boots. It will always be one of my favorite jobs. I loved the skill one needed to properly fit boots. I sold a lot. I loved it! But, more importantly I met my husband at Eddie Bauer. He worked in store security...and has always had a careful, observant eye.(Which has proven worth while in our parish ministry work, we are after all a team, he and I).

5. I spent a few years working in Interior Design. (I hated it. I was just a peon worker-bee, not a "designer" since only the BIG guy did that...still, I learned a lot - but working for the very, very, very, wealthy was a bizarre experience of how people perceive what it means to be "entitled"..yikes).

6. Last summer, for the first time in ages, I had a garden (see answer #1)...and I loved it. I look forward to having a garden this year. I already have, just waiting to be planted, starter plants - brussel sprouts, broccoli, and lettuce (spring crops). And, I have almost consumed all of the produce I froze last summer - tomatoes and green peppers, in particular - but even my frozen basil and oregano held great flavor (if not great texture) when used in sauce for pasta.

7. I love fresh cut flowers. I'd love to have fresh cut flowers in my home, and in my office, all the time. I put together this arrangement for my dinner table for Easter: I guess I have to pick others for this meme...Hotcup, RevNancy - and one more: Purple


Jan said...

Well I learned a LOT about you today! I don't think I would have guessed the ag major, but cool! And I love the "watchful eye" husband. Must truly be a GREAT asset in the parish!

Thanks for sharing!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

fresh flowers... what a beautiful thing! a great treat! I played... while baileybean went NUTS over some guy walking his big black dog down our street... h

e did yesterday too and I couldn't help but think, "nooo turn at the corner. for the love of God TURN at the corner! don't walk by our house... pleeeease"

Lisa :-] said...

Interesting. I learned some new things about you today. Isn't it great how those of us who have several decades under our belts have re-invented ourselves many times over? Life is good...

I have already started collecting veggie garden plants, but I have nowhere to plant them...yet.

Purple said...

I enjoy the gardening efforts of many so green. Thanks for inviting me to play along.

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