This morning, as I was closing windows and turning off fans, and preparing to leave after a morning of delightful worship, I felt good. I felt, grateful I felt, love. I love this place, this congregation. I walked through the silent church and gave thanks to God for leading me here. It was just an ordinary Sunday, really. But, still, it was delightful.

Now, after months of being crazy busy I am about to take some time off. I know, I can hear you say, "Didn't you just have some time off?" Certainly that is a fair statement, because I did. That time, end of June and early July, included a drive to Chicago for a family wedding followed immediately by a drive to Indianapolis to attend the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, followed by ending my vacation three days early to come home and officiate at the funeral of a parishioner (one whom I had given significant pastoral care to over the last year).

So. All things considered, I didn't really have time off, just time away from the routine of parish ministry.

Now, in just a few days I plan to take some actual time off. My plans include: reading (Maisie Dobbs books 3 and 4 - and then I'll have to download a few more); knitting; sitting; gardening; maintaining my exercise routine; and perhaps driving to Chicago to see a few friends and family.




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Wendy said…
Blogger just ate my comment...

Your vacation luxurious, and I'm so glad you have a place to practice your vocation that fits so well.
Purple said…
Robin said…

What a FABULOUS photograph!
Sherry Peyton said…
I am just thrilled to find you so happy and at peace in your life. I know the feeling at last as well! Bless you Terri and have a lovely vacation.
at last my friend, at last!

enjoy your blessed rest.
Nancy said…
May you have a joyous vacation time. Much gratitude for where you are. Have fun with Maisie.
Lisa :-] said…
It was so wonderful to read your first few lines here. I am so happy you are happy, and blessed, and grateful. Yay!
revkjarla said…
Lovely....and grateful for you, and for your delight in your call.
Really, what a gift.

Enjoy knitting,yoga, reading, resting. You deserve it!

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