Tuesday, August 07, 2012

People Do, more thoughts on violence....

Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

My mother said that a lot when I was growing up. My mother, who was one of the most radical liberals I've ever known. Well, at least she was once she left the Mormon church. Over time she became agnostic, attended church only on Christmas Eve, and then the Roman Catholic Church for the incense and hymns. My mother had a brilliant mind, a great sense of humor, loved science and politics.

I use to think that, too. That people kill people. But when my mother said that phrase, and when I thought it, people did not have access to semi-automatic weapons. Then mass killings of people in schools, post offices, shopping malls, movie theaters, or any other non-war related site, had not happened and were not, as they are now, on the rise.

People do kill people. No doubt. It's just really tragic that they are also allowed to have access to high powered semi-automatic weapons of war to do it.

There is no way the second amendment really intends for this. I have no desire to have a gun. None. But neither do I want to say that others cannot have one if they desire. I don't want the risk of a police state, which is the real motivation behind the second amendment, is it not? But avoiding the risk of a police state and maintaining the right to bear arms is a long way from advocating for people to have semi-automatic guns/rifles...

One face of violence.

There are many. And, as a couple of my friends have noted, not all forms of violence, nor all words of violence are "bad" or negative or perhaps, even harmful?

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