Friday, August 31, 2012

RevGals Friday Five: Characters for a Day

Mary Beth, over at RevGals wonders what five characters we might like to be for a day. They can be any character from a book, play, movie, cartoon, or comic book. And, for bonus points, we can say why.

YIKES! I am rushed this morning, as I am most mornings these days. Today we are heading out to celebrate our daughter's 24th birthday and have a little family time for the Labor Day weekend. This is something we don't do much of as a family anymore. I'll make a quick effort to play:

1. Sr. Joan Chittister - I have read a number of her books and I'd love to be in her head for a day. She is fascinating - intelligent, thoughtful, brave, strong, articulate. She is an amazing woman of faith crossing the paradigm of 20th century and 21st century Church - which are very different paradigms.

2. Hildegard von Bingen - this woman of the Church lived in the 12th century. She was a poet, musician, mystic, healer, a leader of a woman's convent, served as a counselor to Popes and Kings. Would be interesting, perhaps startling to be inside her head for a day.

3. Brigid - she lived in the 5th century and paved a relationship between Christianity and the paganism of ancient Celtic spirituality. She was a poet, healer, and leader in the Church. She founded (and lead) two monasteries - one for men and one for women. She is associated with "holy wells" for water and with fire. Being part Irish, I'd love to be her for a day, embracing part of my heritage.

Okay - so far I have chosen real women, not characters...although each of the women are characters! Strong, interesting, dynamic, movers and shakers in their own time.

4. Maise Dobbs: I am reading this "turn of the century" (20th century that is, since the story begins before World War I) murder mystery series. Maisie is a fascinating character and I really appreciate that the author is always interested in reconciliation between the characters and portrays Maisie as the psychologist/detective who paves the way for reconciliation. I love that Maisie always strives to be open to possibility, does not jump to conclusions, and sees into all sides of the people she is working for and with - she sees people as multi-dimensional - their strengths and their woundedness.

5. China Bayles: this murder mystery detective character also owns a tea shop and is an expert on herbs. I've enjoyed reading this series too. I like following the author on Facebook -  Susan Wittig Albert. I have an interest in herbs, but not the knowledge and expertise of China/Susan. And, it seems like it would be fun to own an herb and tea shop for a day.


Mary Beth said...

OOH! I want to change mine for yours. Or just add yours to my list. Great play! thanks and birthday joy to J.

Joolie said...

Love Maisie! And I'll be looking for the China Bayles series. Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Jan said...

I love your choices and thought that Maisie Dobbs would be my first choice!

Nancy said...

Love, love Maisie.

Purple said...

Guess I better be checking out Maisie. Hildegard and Brigid...such pivotal characters.

Purple said...

Guess I better be checking out Maisie. Hildegard and Brigid...such pivotal characters.

river song said...

I LOVE Sr Joan, Hildegard, and Brigid and need to look into Maisie and China! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

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