Friday, September 07, 2012

A Friday Five of My Own... :-)

Friday mornings use to be slightly more relaxed, most of the week's worth of work accomplished, a time to catch my breath before heading into the time warp known as "sermon prep." For some reason I haven't quite figured out I wake up every Friday feeling rushed. I want to play the RevGal Friday Five meme, exercise, go to the Farmer's Market, activities that bring balance to my life. Every morning I yearn to read, reflect, exercise, and then head into the office for a full day of work. But some mornings the pressure of what must be done first, in a time crunch, presses in on me. My desire for balance is compressed by an urgency to get into the office to finish the Sunday bulletin, visit the parishioners I have not yet seen, and make a dent in the pile of paper work accumulating on my desk. And yet, I know, if I do not take some time to exercise and find balance then my work suffers. ACK!

The RevGal Friday Five meme is not up yet. Which means I will probably not have the time today to play it, whenever it appears on the blog. It use to be that this was scheduled to post early in the morning, trying to appeal to people in multiple, global time zones. Now, given all of our busy schedules, it's okay that it shows up sometime on Friday. I'm okay with that. But it does mean that I am rarely able to play. sigh.

So here is my own Friday Five - what I have to accomplish today:

1. Exercise: I am trying really hard to stick to a simple exercise routine. Three days a week I do a weight/core based routine for arms, abs, and legs. I also try to do something aerobic - 20 minute bike ride or a cardio YouTube. The other two or three days a week I do yoga. I am trying to balance strength building with stretching.  This morning I need to do the weight/cardio workout.

2. Farmers Market: I haven't been in weeks. I am growing a lot of my own produce - and consuming a regular diet of fresh organic tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, basil and other herbs. So my need for the farmers market is less than last year, when the harvest came later. Still I feel compelled to support the vendors and the market, it's important to me. I hope to go and pick up some corn on the cob and cheese.

3. Get to the office to finish the Sunday Bulletin and announcements. I have support help with this, but I like to proof read these one last time before they are printed - with fresh eyes that haven't looked at it for a few hours.

4. Walk my dogs - my old dogs need a little walk today - I hope to do that at some point in time. Walking use to be one of my primary forms of exercise, but now my dogs are too old to walk far, so our walk is not so much exercise as it is an effort to keep them healthy.

5. Pray - I am praying for a number of concerns. One of them is for the well being of my daughter's dog, Ollie. He is suffering from pancreatitis - not sure why. The vet thinks its something he ate. He can have no food or water for 48 hours (that means sometime tomorrow). He is on medication and under strict supervision. If his condition worsens its in the dog-hospital for him! This is very distressing news - Ollie is the best dog. I hope he recovers.

That's my day. What about yours? Share with me five things you need to or want to do today. And then be sure to play the RevGals Friday Five when it's posted!


Martha Spong said...

I guess that's my bad. First Friday is changing posters, and I may have confused them about who was supposed to be on today. I'll take care of it. My apologies.

Terri said...

ACK! Martha, no need to apologize - really. It goes up at all different times these days and I think we said that was okay! It's just me who has so little flexibility...sigh.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

sounds like you are working mightily toward balance! well today has:
1. finished sermon; not sure it's cohesive though
2. walked bailey in the rain; a very short walk (he'll need another later and longer)
3. must order some resources for confirmation
4. have to get print cartridges; which means a 35 min one way drive to do that. augh! on the bright side while in the big town... i'll do some window shopping
5. yoga tonight; repotting some plants; hot date night with bailey - baw haaa haaa

Robin said...

I hope Ollie gets better quick!

I would like to play the FF more, but the timing is difficult for me, too. I do my major computer writing pretty early in the day, and usually by the time it's up, I no longer have a chunk of time available in which to play. :(

Terri said...

Robin, exactly the same with me....sigh

Lisa :-] said...

I know what you mean about the dogs. We got Lucy in 2000, partly as a ploy to keep ME in shape with long dog walks. And we used to walk plenty, in the pre-restaurant days. But I was pretty much absent from the dog-walking routine for five years while we had the restaurant, and now that I have the time, she's too old. As you say, these days our walks are short and slow and mostly to keep HER in shape.

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