Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Five: Why Do I Do It blogging post....

 Jan over at the RevGals offers this Friday Five Meme:

Blogging at Google's Blogger, I recently was boondoggled by the new designs of the site, which includes my blog. I felt like I had lost track of all the blogs I daily check so that I asked for help both at my blog and on Facebook! Still trying to learn the ways of these new ways of blogging, I am turning our minds to blogging for this Friday Five.

1. When did you start blogging? What/who prompted you?
On a hot summer day at the end of August 2006 I read an article in the Christian Century magazine about a group of women clergy who formed a ring of friendship and support, the RevGals. I put down that article and proceeded to figure out how to construct a blog. My first post is dated Sept. 11, 2006. I wrote 20 posts that fall including some around my experience being hospitalized for 11 days from osteomyelitis of the jaw.

2. How often do you post? How often do you visit blogging friends and/or other blogs? Most recently I seem to blog a couple of times of week: Friday Five, Sunday Sermon, and something else during the week.

3. Why do you keep on blogging? Really, some days I wonder. It's an addiction I think. I can't stop even when I think it might be better too do so :-) oh well. I could have worse addictions.

4. What do you like to write about?
Basically anything that is appropriate for public viewing that pertains to my life and my faith. And sometimes I probably push the TMI appropriate button, but I try to keep those occasions rare.

5. Have your blogging habits changed--or are they changing?
In days past I have written about my life and my work. Now I either write about politics or even more personally about faith and politics.

Bonus: Recommend a blog or two. really, too many to list just one or two. See my blog rolls for an idea...


Purple said...

You have among my faithful followers...thanks!

Jan said...

Now that I've learned how to create my blogs list, you are there for recent posts, which is how I found this one. yay! Maybe it's an addiction, but blogging is a way of staying in touch, which I appreciate. I am glad you still blog. I miss your more frequent days' diaries, but know that being a priest limits that exposure. I'm glad you're still blogging.

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