Monday, September 03, 2012

Monday Musings: It's Getting Hot In Here

It's Monday. I can hardly believe it is already Monday night. My day off, a holiday day. I spent the morning reading and playing around on the blog and Facebook. I followed that with a 30 minute workout, a quick trip to the grocery store (an impulse buy so I could make BBQ ribs for dinner tonight), a meeting at the church and some subsequent work....two hours later I returned home to get the ribs in the oven so they could slow-cook, boil the potatoes and eggs for potato salad, and shuck the corn. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon I finally stopped for a 30 minute meditation.

Meditating has been challenging lately. I've been too restless and fidgety even as I persevere and manage to sit for 20 minutes or more. It just feels so unsatisfying when I'm restless. Not today, though. I went into a deep meditation and came out of it 35 minutes later with my right leg asleep and one arm tingly. No big deal, must have just been sitting peculiar in my usual cross-legged position. It's always delightful when my mediation is deep like today's.

My mediation over I slowly entered back into making dinner. Slicing the boiled baby red potato (with skin on), chopping onions and celery, adding some chopped hard boiled egg, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper - homemade potato salad. A big pot of water was placed on a burner to be heated for the corn. And I prepared the grill for the ribs - a savory aroma filled the house from the seasoned ribs slowly baking away in the oven.

All around, underfoot, are my dogs. Three of them. Roxie, our fourteen year old, Ruby who is ten and Emmy who will be three this month (we think, some kids were giving her away and our son took her in, we don't really know how old she is, although the vet thought she was about 4 months when we got her). 

We got Roxie while I was still in seminary. It seems as if she has always been with us. I've walked her almost every day of those fourteen years. Now it's difficult to walk her. She has something wrong with her back end. One vet said it was a degenerative spinal disorder. Another vet said it was arthritis in her hips. Another vet has not really said what she thinks it is, just that she has a lot of pain in her hips as well as a loss of use of her back legs. She can still walk, but she doesn't really seem to know where her back end is. Thankfully she is not (yet) incontinent. And she really seems to LOVE life. She is a happy dog. So, as long as she seems happy and able to enjoy her life she is with us.

No matter how bad her breath is. ('s bad. And she pants a lot)....

Dinner was delicious. A lovely little nod to this day, Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer.

I tried hard today to just take the day off. I have become caught up in the politics and feel I need to do my part to spread the word. Of course the only people I am spreading the word to, it seems, are people who think, feel, and believe as I do. On the other hand it seems impossible to have a civil conversation with anyone who has a different opinion. I am not going to change any one's mind. But then again, my mind is hard to change, too, on some of these topics.

Maybe changing minds is not the point. Having an informed mind with knowledge based in fact, and becoming aware of what-goes-on-behind-what-seems-to-be-going-on, is important.

As a result, some of this day was spent on Facebook delving into political..and reading and sending email regarding some causes I support.

Summer is unofficially over. It was a long and hot. But I fear the fall will be even longer, and alas, hotter.

That's my Monday. How was yours?


Sherry Peyton said...

Sounds like you had a pretty okay day. I was busy, too busy lol. I'm finding it hard to fit in meditation. I have tried, but seem to not find the right block of time. I assume something else it really at work. I would find the time if I really wanted to. Still, I'm content. And perhaps I do a bit of it in the pool on Weds and Fri. Who knows. You sound happy Terri and I am so happy for you.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh dear Roxie... *sigh*

I didn't paint after all, I was down with some sort of virus from something I ate, which kept me running upstairs....

oh politics. I watched the RNC and this week I will watch the DNC, but honestly... it makes me sick to my stomach, all of it.

there's such a need for truth... such a need. i think folks are thirsting for truth, for connection in worship to meet their everday lives, and for relief from the heat... it's blasted hot.

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