Friday, October 05, 2012

Blessings Come

I am a true believer in Western and Eastern medicine, the yin and yang of health. One of the fall outs of moving is the need to find new doctors, dentists, massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, yoga class and spiritual director. Maybe this seems extensive, but I engage with all of these practitioners for my overall health. I've been in Dearborn for 17 months and think I have finally found and established a relationship with each of these. Yesterday, for example, I went to an acupuncturist - may be the best treatment I have ever had.  I continue to wean myself off  go cold turkey off of the generic version of Zyrtec and make my way into the world antihistamine free. I am determined to be healthier. Day three and so far so good.

Later today I will take my son to see a chiropractor. I had an appointment last week for an adjustment and a massage but I was too sick to go. And, since I just saw the acupuncturist I will reschedule the chiropractor and massage therapist appointment for next week. My son has some chronic aches and pains which need to be addressed, I hope this chiropractor is good for him.

I feel blessed that I have found some really excellent health care in Dearborn. Each of the practitioners I have found thus far have been excellent. That says a lot, and I feel blessed!

This weekend I am preparing to bless the animals at the annual Feast of St. Francis and pet blessing. I have done these services a number of ways: as a special service in church on a Sat. around the beginning of Oct. I have had the pets in worship on Sunday morning - that's fun! And I have done pet blessings at a special service on Sunday afternoon, outside. Each has their advantage and potential complications. But always it is fun to have the animals come to church - to remind us what a blessing they are in our lives.

I have three dogs and two cats. It's a little crazy. Each one has their own distinct personality. One dog is really old. One cat is even older. We've had both of these older ones since I was in seminary fifteen years ago. These animals are a blessing indeed.

 Life is a cycle of joy and sorrow, health and illness, trauma and gift - all bundled up in one. I never know what any one day will bring. 

Blessings come and blessings go and blessings come again.


Nancy said...

Blessings come and blessings go and blessings come again.

Love this - posted now as a note on my phone. Attributed to you, of course.

Blessings on your antihistamine free living!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

thankful you're on the mend...
indeed blessings come and go and how i like the thought they come again...
it's the waiting in-between that's tough.

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