Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Morning Musings

A sunny morning with frost on the ground. Following a long, hot, dusty and dry summer, autumn is coming cold and fast.

It's a real day off for me. I continue to have a hacking cough from the flu-crud I contracted two weeks ago. But, each day I am a little better.
It's been almost a week since I stopped taking the generic version of Zyrtec. That may be a contributing factor to the cough.... I anticipated some of the icky symptoms I read about, but so far have not experienced the worst - non-stop itching! I am grateful for that. I have also experienced the primary symptom I hoped for - weight loss. Granted some of the weight loss was triggered by having the flu and not eating for a couple of days. However, I do hope that I continue to lose more. I hope to get somewhere close to my pre-zyrtec weight. Well, that might not be possible, because that was also before I turned 50. But still, something more reasonable will be awesome. Also I am sleeping better...that's a pretty awesome side effect of being off Zyrtec.

On the agenda today, my day off: make a hardy breakfast of bacon, pancakes, and eggs. Exercise and walk the dogs. Try to watch some of the programs we have DVR'd before I get so far behind that catching up is impossible. Later I'll make a pot roast for dinner in the slow-cooker.

This week I have a number of meetings, including preparing for the third return of  "Pastor Terry Jones." This peculiar man who has a tiny church in Florida has made a name for himself by making the Muslim community in Dearborn his primary concern. Seriously. Who cares about poverty, rape, sex trafficking, hunger, domestic abuse, etc. etc., let's worry about law abiding faithful people living peacefully in Dearborn. sigh. We are preparing for this visit and hoping it gets virtually zero media coverage...

That's my week. What about yours?

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Sherry Peyton said...

So very glad your back on the mend. Those kinds of serious colds are awful and take a fair time to recover from. Things are settling in here. Our highs have dropped this week to the 70's with the cold front dipping far into the midwest. Diego got his first chance to run free on our walk and he was a gentleman and shows he has smarts about not getting into the heavy scrub where the snakes reside. He had a ball. I'm planning a lot of reading this week. And plenty of exercise.Also a meal out tomorrow! lol..

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