Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Is It

What is it about 2am
that beckons me;
pulls me out of a deep

Three nights
in a row the hour
calls me to

Not from anxiety,
my usual insomnia.
More like a
check in.

How is the state
of your soul?

How goes it
with your spirit?

True, some anxiety
in me. From busyness
and rushing and always
preparing to offer some
piece from myself -
a teaching, a sermon
writing or a meal.

It seems, however,
these three nights
of a crescent moon
are just a time
to waken

and make a tiny assessment -
stretch my legs and toes
try not to wake too much,
just slightly conscious,
and give thanks.

Thanks for breath,
and peace,
and retreats
with colleagues.
And joy in little things.

2am beckons me.

it's rather funny
three mornings in a row.

So I'll not make
more of it than it is.
Just accept it
as some kind of gift
or request or

Before too long
I'm asleep again,
morning sun comes
and another day begins.

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Hot Cup Lutheran said...

if you were here i'd say it's the rather large chorus of coyotes nearby... it's as if they're preparing a cantata!

may your retreat be all it needs to be.
wish i were there...

Terri said...

HC - I know the song of the Coyotes - babies celebrating dinner's arrival! The retreat was lovely.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration taking it so well...lack of sleep can be very creative space but quickly seems like it takes its toll. Blessings.

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