Monday, March 04, 2013

Deliciousness, all


This time of year one of my favorite beverages is mocha - a coffee with chocolate concoction that is slightly reminiscent of a hot cocoa from childhood, but kicked up a bit with a couple of shots of espresso coffee, some steamed milk and a dollop of whip cream. In the really cold of winter I drink at least one of these each week, usually made at home with my stove top espresso maker, some hot cocoa mix, a little cream. Occasionally I'll spend the big bucks to get one at THE coffee store, but honestly the homemade brew is just as good, and a lot less expensive. On a really cold morning I find a mocha to be very satisfying.

Later in the day I will often have a cup of tea, Earl Grey (of course) with a splash of skim milk and several pieces of dark chocolate. Dessert is often a small scoop of chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake or a brownie.

I consume a lot of chocolate.

I do my best to consume Fair Trade chocolate as often as possible. With so much disparity in the world, Fair Trade is just a token nod toward economic balance and justice. But it is a start.

On another note, I am trying hard to eat well, take my vitamins, sleep a lot, exercise as often as possible - all in my ongoing effort to get healthy, to recover from adrenal fatigue. For the most part I think I am successfully doing this. I hope to add other modalities of self care as I am able.

To that end I am excited about the upcoming Lenten Retreat that will be held here in Dearborn, hosted by three churches, and facilitated by my RevGal friend and colleague, Robin. She aptly called the retreat, "Resting in God." The retreat begins Friday night and concludes Saturday afternoon and includes plenty of down time for quiet reflection, drawing, thinking, knitting. When we began to plan this we hoped for at least 25 women, a handful from each of our three churches (ELCA, American Baptist, Episcopal), but it looks like we will surpass that number, plus the four of us - the three Pastors from the local churches and Robin.

Of course we'll have chocolate and coffee, and tea at the event. But we will also have silence, and reflection, and prayer, and companionship....deliciousness, all.


Lisa :-] said...

Jealous of you and Robing getting to meet and spend quality time together. I have met Robin in person, and she is lovely...but we only got to spend a few hours together. And it was during my restaurant days, when most of the time I didn't know my butt from a hole in the ground. :P Anyway, have a great and restorative retreat!

Jan said...

I'm glad you and Robin got together. I wish I could actually be with you two, even separately, but TX seems way far away! Chocolate sounds delicious. I commend you for getting fair trade!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

how wonderful! the chocolate... and the retreat! here too it seems our synodical leadership is heavily encouraging retreats for clergy, especially after easter.

i plan on a stay-at-home retreat with Lucky... can't bear to be away from him yet... and some quality art time/studio time which i haven't allowed myself in ages.

*clink* that's my mug of earl grey, i have a cup in the afternoon too!

Mary Beth said...

I love your cover photo, although I know it's not Ruby any more! I suspect it is the two Sr. Wardens with you?

The retreat sounds marvelous. I will be thinking of you all and will raise a mug in your honor.

kdoyle said...

Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is good for you--lots of antioxidants. So you can't go wrong :)

Robin said...

I'm excited!

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