Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Five: I'll take joy, thank you very much.

RevDeb over at the RevGals blog offers this Friday Five meme:

Sometimes as pastors, chaplains, professors or caregivers, our lives are so very full and our hearts ache with worries for others (or, if we are honest for ourselves!) So for this week’s Friday Five, let’s list things that are on your happy list! (We’ll assume that your family and friends and pets are included, so branch out a little, if you can!)

What are your joys? Places? Food? Activities? Books? Season? Hobbies? Smells? Colors? To inspire you, Mindy came up with THIRTEEN things that bring her joy or make her happy. So go for it!

1. My new home office with the desk I refinished this summer.


In fact I am sitting at it right now. From this desk I have a great view over the backyard and church property: beautiful trees, the labyrinth, and the community garden.



(we've done some work on the labyrinth area, adding a pet memorial garden and more benches, flowers, and trees, this view is from the opposite direction and taken more recently than the one above)

2. Yoga. I feel stronger, more fit, healthier, and have greater clarity of mind since I have returned to an active yoga practice. I walk to class five days a week.

3. Walking. I walk to yoga (although that will become less frequent as the days get colder and darker - not likely to walk in the cold and the dark)...and I walk my dogs. So on most days of the year I walk about 70 minutes, or more. My goal is 10,000 steps 4 days a week. (that's like five miles of walking...) Over the summer I have managed that quite easily, with winter it will be a challenge. Nonetheless, walking is wonderfully relaxing, clears my head, gives me fresh air, keeps me fit...and reminds always of how delightful it is to live in a town were I can walk any place I need or want to go.

4. My family and marriage. My husband and I have managed to create a date day for ourselves. We are making the most of our little time together. My kids, too, are doing well right now and that is such a gift and a blessing. It brings me endless joy.


5. Lately we have had a long run of sunny, dry weather with temperatures in the 70's, and low humidity. It has been great walking weather, very comfortable and pleasant. I do love some hot, hot days - summer doesn't feel like summer without them. And I wouldn't want to live in a place where temps were like this, 70's year round. But for this season, this time of early fall, it is pure joy!


Jan Hilton said...

Terri, I love your pictures! I wish I had one of my family to post. I am impressed that you refinished that beautiful desk; good job!

hotcuplutheran said...

you know it shows in your photos that you look healthier and happier than you have in awhile!! i should get my walking and yoga back in play... (ahem) guilty as charged.

revalli said...

The view from your desk is beautiful as is your family. Good reasons for gratitude.

Elaine said...

What a gift to have a labyrinth right there. Lovely.

Deb said...

Wow. What a gorgeous view at a beautiful desk (nice job on the refinishing!) I know that walking has helped me lose weight and feel more energized. And yes, when my kids are doing well, it surely does put my heart at rest. Thanks for playing!

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