Summer is one of my favorite seasons. One of them because I like all four. Here in southeast Michigan we do have four seasons, and spring can be lovely. Spring in this region can bring blooming fruit trees and yards full of spring flowers with comfortable temperatures that last three weeks or more. (Hey, that is not bad considering other nearby regions have a dreary spring that feels more like winter and then suddenly it's hot and summer).

Dogwoods in bloom

Still, despite the lovely spring climate here, summer is one of my favorite seasons. I don't really mind being hot although I am not fond of high humidity. Being drenched all the time is just not my thing. Aside from the stickiness of humidity I like the ease of slipping on a pair of sandals, shorts and a T-shirt and heading out the door. No need for layers of attire, summertime walks are easy.

Walking, for me, is a means for maintaining good health and a social justice statement. Instead of driving I walk every where I can anytime I am able. I walk to reduce my "carbon footprint." . Five days a week I walk to yoga and back. I walk my dogs. I walk to the chiropractor, the manicurist, and sometimes the grocery store. When I need to figure something out, I take a walk. Walking is more than exercise or being mindful of the environment, walking is one of the ways I pray.

Moving my body is how I process the world around me and gain perspective on what is going on inside me. As I continue to my seek authentic voice in all of its expressions I have decided to move my blog to wordpress. I have appreciated for a while the clean lines and simplicity of wordpress versus blogger. Finally, during this two week stay-cation I have had the time to make the move and learn how to use wordpress. It was not that difficult. Now we'll see how well I like it.


hotcuplutheran said…
been considering this same move myself!
lately i am lamenting living in the boonies... for instance, today i could have done repotting of several plants, but i forgot to pick up potting soil. it would be 70 miles roundtrip to pick it up. so... i've been reading instead!
Diane Roth said…
I have considered the move, off and on, but it has felt like a high learning curve for me. I like the ways yours looks, though. tell me a little about the process of moving; perhaps I'll reconsider...
70 miles round trip is daunting...but I know how that feels having lived in rural southern Arizona...but, reading is good!
I began by opening a Wordpress account and setting up a blog. It has a feature to import a blog, I clicked on that and it automatically imported all of my previous posts and comments. It's a little different finding how to arranged the blog and where the settings are but they offer a good tutorial. All in all it was fairly easy. But, as you noticed, I am keeping both blogs for the time being, in case I change my mind....

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