Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Fling: RevGals Friday Five

RevDeb over at the RevGals blog offers this Friday Five:
Woohoooo! I wore sandals this week and my toes didn’t go numb!! That’s how I know winter is really over. For this week’s Friday Five, tell us 5 things that let you know “Spring is here!!” In your part of the world.


1. Rain. (instead of snow)

mountain top with gray sky


2. Green grass, buds on the trees

white flowering trees at church cropped


3. Daffodils and tulips


4. I begin to plan my garden.


5, No winter coat!


Alleluia yellow


mmalick said...

Amen for no winter coat!

Deb said...

Yes! I just put my wools and winter things into storage. :) :) :)

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