Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday Five: Randomly Ramblin'

RevKarla, over at the RevGals, reminds us to live our weekends instead of pushing through so inspired by this, here is a Ramblin’ Friday Five.

1. First, take a moment to pray. No words? Here is Julia’s timely prayer.
Can I get an Amen? I walked to yoga class this morning where I had some lovely time to pray, meditate, sit quietly, be grateful.

2. What is one thing you have been thinking about doing this summer? Well, can you still take an hour/afternoon/day/overnight to still make it happen? My need for this summer is to find as much time to just "be" as I can possibly manage. I have had some time, but need more. I have sat and read novels. I have sat and knitted. I have sat and had fun conversations. I have sat quietly and done nothing. I have sat and written. It's been good. But I still need a little more time to just "be" before the fall hits and life takes off at a rapid pace.

3. Give a shout-out to someone who has been a blessing/kick in your pants/good friend/joy/a great silliness in your life lately. My dogs are an endless source of delight. My husband is amazing, too, as well as my kids. And, I am blessed to have a group of wonderful clergy girlfriends, especially a couple here, who regularly help me recharge with their great company.

4. Leaf-blowers or vacuum cleaners? Which is the most annoying sound to you? I hate leaf blowers. The worst invention, ever! At least in terms of the NOISE they make. Also, I have a neighbor who uses a power washer to clean her pool and the concrete deck around the pool. She does this every Saturday in the summer and it takes her several hours. I have to close the windows or leave the house. It is agitating and aggregating. I hates it, precious, I hates it!

5. Is there a song of the summer this year? Last year it was Happy, right? Do you have a song of your summer? Or mix? Or just a great recommendation? Wait, Happy came out last summer? I only recall hearing it for the first time this That means, whatever song is from this summer that I'll like, I won't hear until next spring? Is that my cycle? sigh. I have no idea - mostly I just get ear worms from stuff we are singing in church. sigh, again.



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revkarla said...

So I just spit out my iced tea reading that you thought Happy was a song from the spring. Woman, you need some more music worms! And I concur on power washers. My beloved uses ours once a summer, and I have to leave. PBTG we don't have a leaf blower. (well, we don't really have trees, either....)

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