Friday, August 01, 2014

Friday Five: What's in a name?

3dogmom, over at the RevGals, offers this Friday Five:
Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with tracking some genealogical mysteries in my family. I’m reaching back through generations into the past, but I’m also moving from the past toward the present in an effort to locate cousins descended from the same ancestor. Naming patterns prove to be useful clues in these endeavors, and in turn, lead me to today’s Friday Five theme.

Share with us:

1. Is there a story behind your name? My mother use to say that she wanted to name me something other than the typical names for that era, which were Debbie and Mary. One day she saw in the birth announcements in the paper, the name Terry and decided on that name for me, but changed the spelling to Terri. I've never really liked my name. Too simple, too plain, and no one knows how to spell it. But it is what is.

2. If you have children, how did you choose his/her/their name(s)? If you don’t have children, how about a pet? My husband and I made lists for each of our pregnancies with boy and girl names, first and middle. We wrestled over what sounded right together, what could have a reasonable nickname, and what might avoid teasing. We played around with family names but in the end settled on names that were not family. I think we did a pretty good job, although my daughter ended up with a very popular name (Jessica) and lots of other girls with the same name....oh well.

3. I named the stand mixer in my kitchen Ethel, and a friend of mine names her plants. Do you ever name household items, and what inspires the names behind them? no. I've never named inanimate objects....I not very playful that way.

4. Do you daydream about what you might name a boat, a novel, a business, or something else that begs for a title? No, not really. I have thought about what to name a new blog if I start one, or rename the one I have...but in the end I just stay with the name I have had since 2006.

5. If you were to write under a pseudonym, what might that be, and is there a story behind that name? When I first started blogging I used the pseudonym "Mompriest" - because I had kids in middle school, felt very much the mom, and was also a parish priest. The two really consumed my energy and my identity. Now that my children are in their twenties I feel less the mom, but very much the priest. I just use my real name now. I don't know what I would use if I went with a pseudonym? Yogapriest? Yogipriest? Priestyogi? (reminds me of Yogi bear, the old cartoon....LOL).


3dogmom said...

Thanks for playing, Terri! Your name choices are very thoughtful (your children, your blog name...), which is so reflective of you.

marybethbutler said...

Hey, hey, BooBoo!

Terri C Pilarski said...

LOL....smarter than the average bear!

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